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Войное дело

Now Ms. Galkina asks Mr. Evdokimov and Mr.Voronov to say these phrases in English. They may use the phrases in their first trip abroad

· -меня это особенно устраивает;

· -я полагаю;

· -давайте перейдем к делу;

· -я абсолютно согласен;

· -привыкнуть;

· -получать советы (рекомендации);

· -уважительное оправдание (причина);

· -хороший совет бесценен;

· -легче сказать, чем сделать.


9. Yesterday the Sales manager Mr. Andreev wrote a business letter. Ms. Lora found a lot of mistakes in it. She was planning to explain him some English grammar constructions. Ask your teacher to explain these rules once again.


I. Make the sentences. Use the words given to make them. Use the right tense.

a. Our partners from British firm have just arrived from London. Where have our partners from British firm just arrived from? Our partners from British firm haven’t just arrived from London. (Our colleagues /from Spain; their friends/ from USA; his son/ from Italy; her manager / from China)

b. Sorry for my interrupting you. ( His coming late; her going out; our smoking)

c. I was told... ( they; he; we; she)

d. I had been working at your firm for 5 months. How long had you been working at your firm? I hadn’t been working at your firm for 5 months. ( She/ learn/ for 10 years/ English; he/ work/ for 4 months/ at the factory; they/ talk/ for an hour; we/ know/ each other/ for ages)

e. I also want you to meet Mr. Andreev. ( We/ him/ to ask/ Vera; she/ her/ to do/it; they/us/to write/to these businessmen)

f. It is very difficult for me to get used to my new environment. ( he/to get used/to a new job; Jane/ to drive/ on the left; we/ get used/ to the noise)

g. All this time I was watching TV. When were you watching TV? I wasn’t watching TV. (Yesterday/the whole evening/he/ listen to the radio; last year/ the whole month/ she/ live in the country; yesterday/from 6 till 8/we/play tennis)

h. Some companies are carrying out environmental audits now. When are some companies carrying out environmental audits? Some companies aren’t carrying out environmental audits. (Our employees/work at this moment; he/write a contract/now)


II. Grammar test

1. Tell Tommy about these wonderful islands. He … about them.

a. has never heard;

b. had never heard;

c. was never heard;

d. is never heard.


2. I’m so happy to see you again. I … you since I left Berks.

a. haven’t seen;

b. hadn’t seen;

c. didn’t saw;

d. doesn’t see

3. He heard somebody…

a. talking;

b. talked;

c. to talk;

d. being talked.

4. Teddy’s words made me … uncomfortable.

a. to feel

b. feeling;

c. feel.

d. have left.

5. I watched my cat … with her kittens.

a. played;

b. playing;

c. to play;

d. being played.

6. I have never heard Helen…

a. sang;

b. sings;

c. singing;

d. have sung.

7. Do you know Ann? Yes, I … a long time.

a. I’m knowing her for;

b. I’ve known her for;

c. I’ve known her since;

d. I’ve know her for

8. John has been in hospital … three days.

a. since;

b. for;

c. during;

d. at.

9. When I … home this evening, I’m going to have a shower.

a. will get;

b. get;

c. got;

d. have got.

10. His little sister is fond … before she goes to sleep.

a. of reading;

b. to read;

c. of being read;

d. of having read.


Now Mr. Evdokimov and Mr. Voronov are talking. They try to use English idioms and phrases correctly. Read the dialogues and act out similar ones.

Dialogue 1.

Mr. Evdokimon: I reckon, you like my idea of broadening our mind.


Mr. Voronov: I absolutely agree with you. It is especially

useful for me to get information about

business abroad, because it is very

difficult for me to get used to my new

environment, and abroad it will be more

Difficult. That's why I hope to get some

tips from our foreign colleagues.

Mr. Evdokimov: Good advice is beyond price.

Dialogue 2.


Mr. Volkov: Hello! Sorry I kept you waiting, but I’ve got a valid excuse.

Mr. Evdokimov: What's happened?

Mr. Volkov: Yesterday my child caught a cold and I had to go to

the doctor with him.

Mr. Evdokimov: And how about his mother?

Mr. Volkov: His mother is on business in Saratov now.

Mr. Evdokimov:You could call the doctor.

Mr. Volkov: Easier said, than done.

Mr. Evdokimov:O.K. It isn't important to speak about it now.

Let's get down to business, if you don't mind.


Today Lora and Betty have gathered all members of the Russia firm to remember what they've already known.


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