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The doctor insists that the patient .. a lot of tea with lemon

A) would drink

B) would have drunk

C) should drink

D) should have drunk

It is surprising that you … the doctor.

A) shouldn’t have consulted

B) wouldn’t consult

C) didn’t consult

D) wouldn’t have been consulted

A young woman behaves as if she … in her daughter’s severe condition.

A) weren’t interest

B) weren’t be interested

C) wasn’t interest

D) wasn’t be interested

If chewing … very painful in mumps soft food ….

A) was … would be recommended

B) would be … would be recommended

C) were … should be recommended

D) were … would be recommended

If I … you I would consult the doctor.

A) was

B) is

C) would be

D) were

The doctor … him from the hospital yesterday but he had fever.

A) discharged

B) would discharge

C) would have discharged

D) had discharged

I wish you … me about your child’s infection earlier.

A) told

B) should tell

C) had told

D) would have told

The attacks of fever wouldn’t recur daily if proper treatment ….

A) was administered

B) had been administered

C) administered

D) had administered

He looked as if he … very tired.

A. would be;

B. was;

C. were;

D. would have been.

If I were you I … her your diagnosis.

A. would tell;

B. told;

C. had told;

D. would have been told.

I wish I … the dentist yesterday.

A. had visited;

B. visited;

C. would have visited;

D. would visit.

If you … the proper amount of calcium, you… better teeth.

A. will get, will have;

B. got, would have;

C. have got, had;

D. would get, had.

If you … a month ago, you … from this disease now.

A. had been vaccinated, wouldn't suffer;

B. was vaccinated, wouldn't have suffered;

C. would have been recommended, hadn't have suffered;

D. would have vaccinated, hadn't have suffered.

If only I … about severe complications of influenza.

A) know

B) would know

C) should know

D) knew

But for her cat the pregnant … toxoplasmosis, a very dangerous infection that can cause severe problems for a fetus.

A) wouldn’t get

B) wouldn’t have got

C) shouldn’t get

D) shouldn’t have got

I wish I … the doctor yesterday.

A) consulted

B) had consulted

C) would have consulted

D) would consulted

I worried lest my younger daughter … influenza.

A) would contract

B) would have contracted

C) contracted

D) should contract

If Gohn kept to the bed regime, she … faster.

A) would recover

B) should recover

C) wouldn’t recover

D) wouldn’t have recovered

If I were you I … this patient streptomycin injections.

A. had administered;

B. would have been administered;

C. would be administered.;

D. would administer.

But for his headache he … for the tests perfectly well.

A. would have prepared;

B. would have been prepared;

C. were prepared;

D. had prepared.

I wish the findings of the laboratory analyses … better.

A. will be;

B. should be;

C. were;

D. have been.

If the patient … better he … from the hospital.

A. were, would be discharged;

B. would be, be discharged;

C. were, would discharge;

D. would have been, would be discharged.

If children … the proper amount of vitamins, every day they … vitamin deficiency.

A. had given, wouldn't have developed;

B. were given, wouldn't develop;

C. would have been given, hadn't have developed;

D. gave, hadn't have developed

If children with severe measles … in time they … brain infections.

A) had hospitalized … wouldn’t develop

B) were hospitalized … wouldn’t develop

C) didn’t hospitalize … wouldn’t have developed

D) hadn’t hospitalized … wouldn’t have developed

She looks after her sick child as if she … a nurse.

A) was

B) were

C) should be

D) would be

I wish my daughter … soon.

A) recovers

B) had recovered

C) should recover

D) would recover

In your place I … the patient carefully to find out whether he is a carrier of an infection.

A) examined

B) had examined

C) would examine

D) should have examine

If only my brother … from autism.

A) hasn’t suffer

B) wouldn’t suffer

C) didn’t suffer

D) shouldn’t suffer

He … to be vaccinated against influenza as he has a weakened immune system.

A) liked

B) would like

C) should like

D) had liked

But for his fever the doctor … him from the hospital yesterday.

A) discharged

B) had discharged

C) would discharge

D) would have dischrged

I wish parents … that the time passed.

A) would realize

B) realized

C) had been realized

D) should realize

If I … you, I … Willy to consult a psychiatrist long ago.

A) was … would take

B) were … would take

C) was … would have taken

D) were … would have taken

You had a direct contact with a sick infected person. It is impossible that you … as your immune system is impaired.

A) shouldn’t have been infected

B) wouldn’t have been infected

C) hadn’t been infected

D) weren’t infected.

If you hadn’t caught the flue you … ill now.

A) wouldn’t feel

B) wouldn’t have felt

C) didn’t feel

D) hadn’t felt

Her daughter got infected. She wishes she … after her better.

A) would look

B) should look

C) should have looked

D) had looked

I … antipyretic drugs but the chemist’s was closed.

A) bought

B) had bought

C) would buy

D) would have bought

I insist that you … a doctor.

A) should consult

B) would consult

C) consulted

D) had consulted

If the woman … measles in childhood, she … immunity to her infant.

A) had … would have passed

B) had … would pass

C) had had … would have passed

D) had had … should have passed

I wish you … me about your child’s infection earlier.

A) told

B) should tell

C) had told

D) would have told

She behaves as though nothing … with her premature infant.

A) would happen

B) would have happened

C) have happened

D) had happened

It is impossible that this student … the report concerning mental health disorders.

A) wouldn’t prepare

B) shouldn’t have prepared

C) hadn’t prepared

D) didn’t prepare

She worried lest her mother suffering from chronic heart disease … the infection.

A) would contract

B) contracted

C) should contract

D) have contracted

But for poor immune system her infant … this viral infection.

A) wouldn’t contract

B) wouldn’t have contracted

C) shouldn’t contract

D) shouldn’t have contracted

He … to be vaccinated as he has a weakened immune system.

A) should like

B) would like

C) liked

D) should have liked

But for poor immune system her infant … this viral infection.

A) wouldn’t contracted

B) shouldn’t contract

C) wouldn’t have contracted

D) didn’t contract

If he … against tetanus, he wouldn’t have developed this infection.

A) had been inoculated

B) were inoculated

C) would be inoculated

D) would have been inoculated

I wish she … soon.

A) recovered

B) had recovered

C) should recover

D) would recover

My sister looked as if she … very ill.

A) was

B) would be

C) should be

D) were

If the child … adequately nourished, complicating infection ….

A) had been … wouldn’t have developed

B) were … wouldn’t have developed

C) was … wouldn’t develop

D) had been … shouldn’t have developed

It is necessary that a pregnant woman … to the doctor’s recommendations.

A) would keep

B) should have kept

C) should keep

D) kept

She worried lest her mother suffering from chronic heart disease … the infection.

A) would contract

B) contracted

C) should contract

D) have contracted

But for his fever the doctor … from the hospital tomorrow.

A) would discharge

B) discharged

C) would have discharged

D) would be discharged

If I … you I … the doctor.

A) was … would consult

B) was … would have consulted

C) would be … consulted

D) were … would consult

I wish she … so careless of her health.

A) was not

B) were not

C) is not

D) should not be

If Mary … to the bed regimen, she would recover soon.

A) keeps

B) kept

C) would keep

D) would have kept

If only the doctor … earlier.

A) would come

B) have come

C) came

D) would have come

She closed the window lest the children … cold.

A) catch

B) had caught

C) would catch

D) should catch

It is necessary that you … fluids freely.

A) would drink

B) should drink

C) should have drunk

D) would have drunk

If you … a month ago, you … from influenza now.

A) had vaccinated … didn’t suffer

B) had been vaccinated … wouldn’t suffer

C) were vaccinated … shouldn’t suffer

D) vaccinated … wouldn’t suffer

I … some antipyretic drugs but I didn’t have money.

A) would bought

B) would buy

C) would have bought

D) should buy

If the patient …, his children wouldn’t have contracted the infection.

A) was isolated

B) were isolated

C) had isolated

D) had been isolated

If you … so absentminded, you … so many mistakes.

A) was not … wouldn’t make

B) were not … wouldn’t have made

C) would be … didn’t make

D) was not … shouldn’t have made

Yesterday the doctor … the same.

A) did

B) had done

C) would do

D) would have done

I wish I … the doctor yesterday.

A) consulted

B) have consulted

C) had consulted

D) would consulted

It is desirable that this pregnant … to the doctors recommendation.

A) would keep

B) kept

C) should keep

D) would have kept

But for the vaccination the grippe … to severe complications.

A) should have led

B) should lead

C) lead

D) would have led

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