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D) having been finished

The oncologist was observed … the operation for mammary cancer.

A) performed

B) performing

C) being performed

D) having been performed

His father is a doctor … by his patients.

A) respecting

B) having respected

C) respected

D) having respecting

Not … how to perform the procedure the nurse asked the doctor in charge to help her.

A) knowing

B) known

C) being known

D) having known

… inadequate treatment the patient suffering from gastric cancer developed severe side effects.

A) having administered

B) administered

C) administering

D) having been administered

The nephrology department of the town hospital …, I had to go to the urologic department of the regional hospital.

A) repairing

B) repaired

C) being repaired

D) having repaired

Atopine … by evening, muscle spasm was relieved and pain wasn’t felt at night.

A) taking

B) being taken

C) having taking

D) having been taken

Though … the patient was conscious.

A) wounding

B) wounded

C) having wounded

D) being wounding

The doctor was sorry to have kept the patient … .

A) waiting

B) waited

C) being waited

D) being waiting

… the newborn the doctor made a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

A) having examined

B) examined

C) having been examined

D) being examined

While … about that accident, the woman couldn’t say anything.

A) asking

B) having been asked

C) having asked

D) being asked

The ward …, the visitors of the patient were not let in.

A) cleaning

B) having been cleaned

C) being cleaned

D) having cleaning

The child’s IQ was considered … by the standardized intelligence test.

A) measuring

B) being measuring

C) measured

D) having been measuring

The mother … excessive amounts of alcohol during pregnancy, the child is mentally retarded.

A) consumed

B) being consumed

C) having consumed

D) having been consumed

…drugs for toothache by the dentist, Ann went to the chemist’s to buy them.

A. Recommending;

B. Recommended;

C. Having been recommended;

D. Having recommended.

The nurse heard the dentist … on the patient`s visiting a periodontist.

A. being insisted;

B. having insisting;

C. being insisted;

D. insisting.

The patient with oral cancer was watched …by the oncologist.

A. examined;

B. examining;

C. having examined;

D. being examined.

The pediatrician was heard … the woman how to take care of the newborn.

A) being explained

B) explaining

C) having been explained

D) having explained

Blood tests … very quickly nowadays, we’ll soon know the results.

A) being performed

B) performing

C) having performed

D) having been performed

The work … , the nurses went home.

A) being done

B) having done

C) doing

D) having been done

The article on kidney diseases and their treatment … , we hoped to get it soon.

A) printing

B) being printing

C) having printed

D) having been printed

The ambulance could be seen … outside.

A) waited

B) being waiting

C) waiting

D) having waited

Ann … menstruation period, they couldn’t go to the swimming pool.

A) having had

B) had

C) having

D) having have

Our teacher of urology … some London’s hospitals, we asked him to tell us about their methods of polycystic kidney disease treatment.

A) visiting

B) being visited

C) having visited

D) having been visited

The patient was standing at the doctor’s consulting room, with his arms ….

A) crossing

B) crossed

C) having crossed

D) being crossing

The question … to the professor were important.

A) putting

B) put

C) having put

D) being putting

The professor spoke about athletes using corticosteroids … their photos.

A) showing

B) being shown

C) having shown

D) shown

The pain in the bladder was felt ….

A) having been worsened

B) having been worsening

C) worsening

D) worsened

The weather … fine, the doctor allowed the patient to go for a walk.

A) been

B) having been

C) having being

D) being

… the report on oral hygiene I went for a walk.

A. Having written;

B. Being written;

C. Having been written;

D. Writing;

The dentist was heard … the patient about influence of smoking on his oral health.

A. told;

B. being told;

C. having been told;

D. telling.

My friend wanted her dental braces immediately … .

A. removing;

B. removed;

C. being removed;

D. having removed.

Helen waited for the results of the pregnancy test with her heart … fast.

A) having been beat

B) beating

C) beaten

D) being beat

… by the teacher regularly, the exercises are very useful for the students.

A) correcting

B) having been corrected

C) having corrected

D) being corrected

my knee I couldn’t attend classes.

A) hurt

B) having hurt

C) hurting

D) having been hurt

The doctor looked at my little daughter … .

A) smiling

B) smiled

C) having smiled

D) being smiled

… from the medical university he moved to Kyiv.

A. Having been graduated;

B. Having graduated;

C. Graduating;

D. Graduated.

Laughing gas … in addition to local anesthetic, eases anxiety in patients.

E. used;

F. using;

G. having used;

H. have using.

The filling … at last, the patient went home.

E. put;

F. having been put;

G. having put;

H. have using.

… the patient the doctor sees the problem with his gums.

A. Examining;

B. Examined;

C. Being examined;

D. Having been examined.

… a toothpaste for sensitive teeth, I went to the chemist`s.

A. Having recommended;

B. Having been recommended;

C. Recommended;

D. Recommending.

Diabetes is a medical condition … by lack of insulin.

A) causing

B) having caused

C) caused

D) being caused

This patient had his kidney … .

A) removing

B) being removed

C) having removed

D) removed

… most of the newborns skin, vernix caseosa helps protecting against infections.

A) covered

B) covering

C) having covered

D) being covered

The laboratory examination demonstrated respiratory acidosis … by hypoxemia.

A) accompanied

B) accompanying

C) being accompanying

D) having been accompanied

… for two hours after the procedure, the patient felt rested.

A) sleeping

B) slept

C) having slept

D) being slept

… the patient, the dentist asked another person to come in.

a) Having been examined

b) Being examined

c) Examined

d) Having examined


The doctor looked at me … .

a) smiling

b) smiled

c) having smiled

d) being smiled


Her father is an oral surgeon … by everybody.

a) respecting

b) having respected

c) respected

d) being respected

The examination of the newborn … , the neonatologist left the nursery.

A) finishing

B) finished

C) having finished

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