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What methods of diagnostic ... to reveal gastric cancer?

A) are used;

B) will used;

C) is used;

D) was used.

The patient’s relatives … that the patient’s insulin level … shortly after eating a cake.

A) was told; has increased;

B) has told; had increase;

C) were told; had increased;

D) were told; is increased.

… the age significantly … the incidence of cancer?

A) Does, affect;

B) Does, affects;

C) Do, affect;

D) Is, affect.

He said that he … the milk before use.

A) has boiled;

B) had boiled;

C) will boil;

D) have boiled.

When she … into the room, the baby … on the floor.

A) come; was crawling;

B) came; is crawling;

C) came; was crawling;

D) came; were crawling.

This patient … from autism since early childhood.

A) is suffering;

B) has been suffering;

C) has been suffered;

D) was suffering.

What … schizophrenia … by?

A) is; characterized;

B) does; characterize;

C) is; characterizing;

D) was; characterize.

This abnormal lymph node … during the next operation.

A) will remove;

B) was removed;

C) is removing;

D) will be removed.

This neuroblastoma usually … in children under 5 years of age.

A) is occurring;

B) occurs;

C) was occurring;

D) occur.

The tumour … along with a wide margin of normal tissue.

A) resected;

B) have been resected;

C) has been resected;

D) was resecting.

Look! The doctor … a sample of liver tissue by needle for examination under the microscope.

A) will be removed;

B) will remove;

C) is removing;

D) is removed.

Antidepressant drug … usually … by a doctor.

A) is / prescribed;

B) has been / prescribed;

C) is being / prescribed;

D) has been / prescribing.

Mother said that she … her infant solid food.

A) will give;

B) had been given;

C) gave;

D) gives.

Composite veneers … in a single visit to the dentist.

a) shall perform

b) will perform

c) are performed

d) is performed


The patient … sick after he … those drugs.

a) shall feel … have taken

b) felt … had taken

c) feels … will have

d) felt … were taking


Look! The doctor … the ward.

a) were entering

b) will be entered

c) is entering

d) has been entered


Nowadays demand for cosmetic procedures … greater than ever.

a) is

b) had been

c) were

d) shall be


I … all the instructions about the test by 7 p.m. tomorrow.

a) shall be received

b) shall have received

c) will be receiving

d) will receive


We … on different types of dentures for two hours last Friday.

a) was instructed

b) were instructed

c) was being instructed

d) were being instructed


The ceramic braces … by the dentist last week.

a) is made

b) were made

c) has been made

d) had made


The dental polyclinic … in our street next year.

a) will be built

b) will build

c) is built

d) will be building

The patient … with a temporary bridge at the moment.

a) was fitted

b) is being fitted

c) is fitted

d) is fitting


John … for the laboratory analysis since morning.

a) have been waiting

b) waited

c) will wait

d) has been waiting

Before birth this premature infant … in the uterus 33 weeks.

A) spend;

B) spent;

C) have spent;

D) had spent.

The newborn full … just … physical examination.

A) has / performed;

B) has been / performed;

C) was / performed;

D) is being / performed.

… the parents … to this doctor’s operating on their chills?

A) was … agreed

B) did … agree

C) was … being agreed

D) had … agreed

Otic dosage forms … to the ear canal for the treatment of infection, inflammation or pain.

a) are applied;

b) applied;

c) are applying;

d) will apply.

Insulin … an animal- derived or synthetic form of a hormone used to treat diabetes.

a) were;

b) is;

c) are;

d) have been.

She … at this chemist’s for many year.

a) was working;

b) worked;

c) works;

d) has been working.

Today the doctor … an ophthalmic solution to the patient suffering from severe conjunctivitis.

a) administers;

b) has administered;

c) had administered;

d) will administer.

Researchers … recently… positive results of their clinical trials.

a) had… been obtained;

b) are… obtaining;

c) will… obtain;

d) have… obtained.

He… for a job for six month.

a) looks ;

b) were looking;

c) has been looking;

d) will look.

The doctors … still… whether specific treatment of the side-effects is needed.

a) are… discussing;

b) was… being discussed;

c) will… discuss;

d) had…discussed.

Sublingual drugs …under the tongue or between the cheek and gums until dissolved and absorbed.

a) is remained;

b) remains;

c) remain;

d) has remained.

Contact dermatitis … by chemicals and cosmetics conveyed to the eyes.

a) will cause;

b) is caused;

c) causes;

d) are causing.

The surgeon … this topical solution as a surgical scrub and non-irritating antiseptic solution tomorrow.

a) shall be using;

b) use;

c) used;

d) will use.

People with maniac-depressive illnesses usually … by a psychiatrist.

A) are treated

B) are being treated

C) have been treated

D) are treating

This child … from autism for some years before behavioral therapy was started.

A) suffered

B) was suffering

C) has been suffering

D) had been suffering

The students … in the laboratory studying the structure of the reproductive system when somebody … off the light.

A) worked … was switching

B) were working … switched

C) had worked … had been switching

D) worked … switched

Scientists … already in revealing a limited number of genes implicated in tumour initiation.

A) succeeded

B) succeeds

C) have succeeded

D) were succeeded

The newborn with some congenital malformation … by the neonatologist at the moment.

A) is examining

B) is being examined

C) has been examined

D) is examined

At that moment students … to the professor attentively.

A) listened

B) had listened

C) were listening

D) listen

Friendly relations … between the doctor and the patient.

A) has established

B) has been established

C) have established

D) have been established

He said that many students learning English … members of their English club.

A) are

B) was

C) were

D) will be

The doctor wears the white gown which … to him by his colleagues some years ago.

A) presented

B) were presented

C) was presented

D) have been presented

Her son … nephrotomy at the moment.

A) performed

B) is being performed

C) performs

D) has been performed

This patient … from kidney stones and nephritis for many years.

A) has been suffering

B) has been suffered

C) is being suffered

D) was suffering

A brief hospitalization usually … in a crisis to prevent a suicidal attempt.

A) need

B) is needing

C) is needed

D) will have been needed

The woman … for some years before she got pregnant.

A) was smoking

B) smoked

C) had been smoking

D) had smoked

The newborn just … by a nurse.

A) has weight and measured

B) was weight and measured

C) was being weighed and measured

D) has been weight and measured

… your child … from influenza last year?

A) Did … suffer

B) Was … suffered

C) Has … suffered

D) Did … suffered

Where is your wife? – She … our newborn son.

A) breastfeeds

B) is breastfed

C) is breastfeeding

D) breastfed

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