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How many patients... the dentist... tomorrow by 5 p.m.?

A. will … examine;

B. had … examined;

C. will … be examined;

D. will … have examined.

Olga … from the university a year ago.

A. has graduated;

B. had graduated;

C. graduated;

D. was graduating.

The surgeons … on an old woman right now.

A. are operated;

B. are being operated;

C. have operated;

D. are operating.

The dental surgery … by the nurse since morning.

a) is being aired

b) has been aired

с) has been airing

d) is airing


Mary … still … for her examination in orthodontics.

a) is … preparing

b) does … prepare

с) will … be preparing

d) has … prepared


Barbara…a nurse in this clinic for 20 years and she is still working here.

a) have been

b) were

c) has been

d) was


This volunteer nurse … to South Africa yet.

a) hadn’t been

b) wasn’t

c) hasn’t been

d) haven’t been


He … at his report on caries now.

a) is working

b) was working

c) works

d) have worked


At the moment the surgeon … on the maxilla.

a) has operated

b) is operating

c) is being operated

d) operates


Don’t enter the ward. A patient … there.

a) was examined

b) had been examined

c) is being examined

d) will examine


Because of severe tooth fracture I … by two dentists last week.

a) was examined

b) have been examined

c) were examining

d) had been examined


My decayed tooth … tomorrow.

a) was being filled

b) had filled

c) is filling

d) will be filled


Nowadays braces … by many people in many countries of the world.

a) is wearing

b) was wearing

c) are worn

d) had been worn

Yesterday at 12 a. m. the students of our group … a lecture in Anatomy.

A. delivered;

B. were being delivered;

C. have been delivered;

D. were delivered.

Next Sunday we … a scientific conference in Biology.

A. arrange;

B. will arrange;

C. will be arranging;

D. have arranged.

What... you... before you saw the dentist?

A. will … do;

B. have … done;

C. had … done;

D. do … do.

What... the nurse... when you came?

A. have … done;

B. was … doing;

C. did … do;

D. has … done.

His back teeth … already … .

A. have … been extracted;

B. have … extracted;

C. had … been extracted;

D. were … extracted.

The patient … for the dentist since 8 o`clock.

A. is waiting;

B. has been waiting;

C. have been waiting;

H. was waiting.

A new denture… by that time.

A. had been constructed;

B. is being constructed;

C. has been constructed;

D. was constructed.

Nick … by a dental orthopedist two days ago.

A. is examined;

B. has been examined;

C. have examined;

D. was examined.

My mum … the porcelain crowns for several years before they chipped.

A. was wearing;

B. has been wearing;

C. has worn.

D. had been wearing.

The doctor said that a day before the child … to a special care nursery.

A) was taken

B) was taking

C) had been taken

D) had taken

Last week the measles vaccine … in combination with mumps and rubella vaccine.

A) gave

B) has been given

C) was given

D) was giving

… the doctor already … the woman how to prepare nipples before she began breastfeeding?

A) Did … explain

B) Had … explained

C) Has … explained

D) Has … been explained

For the first baby, full milk production usually … in 72 to 96 hours.

A) establish

B) is established

C) has been established

D) was establishing

People with normal throat cultures who … recently against diphtheria … need treatment and … a risk to others.

A) have been vaccinated … didn’t need … aren’t considered

B) had been vaccinated … don’t need … aren’t considered

C) have been vaccinated … don’t need … aren’t considered

D) had been vaccinated … don’t need … weren’t considered

The doctor said that in healthy well-nourished children measles … rarely serious.

A) will be

B) should be

C) is

D) was

When I entered the ward the patient with diphtheria … an antitoxin.

A) was giving

B) was being given

C) was given

D) gave

… you … for the doctor yesterday? – I … for twenty minutes when he … at last.

A) Did … wait, had been waiting, came

B) Were … waiting, was waiting, had come

C) Had … been waiting, waited, came

D) Had … waited, had been waiting, was coming

Physicians usually … patients in their consulting rooms.

A) receives

B) receive

C) are receiving

D) have been receiving

My mother told me that she … these drugs for her kidney disease by this nephrologist.

A) has administered

B) administered

C) was being administered

D) had been administered

In two days the nurse … to the patient’s house to give him the administered injections.

A) come

B) shall come

C) will have come

D) will come

He … by the oncologist yet.

A) wasn’t consulted

B) didn’t consult

C) hasn’t been consulted

D) hadn’t consulted

The doctor … a baby a thorough physical examination for half an hour to detect any abnormalities.

A) has been given

B) has given

C) has been giving

D) is giving

Before the lesson was over all students … the final test on the last modulus.

A) has written

B) had written

C) have been writing

D) were writing

By 3 o’clock tomorrow the professor … the lecture on the immunity for half an hour.

A) will deliver

B) will be delivered

C) will have delivered

D) will have been delivering

I usually … home but yesterday I … a taxi.

A) walk … took

B) am walking … was taking

C) walk … had taken

D) am walking …. has taken

When the patient … by the physician he said that a dry cough … two days before.

A) asked … developed

B) was asked … developed

C) was asked … had developed

D) asked … was developing

… scientists … vaccine against dental caries in the nearest future?

A) will … produce

B) will … be produced

C) will … have been produced

D) will … have been producing

The students … the lecture on routes of drug administration for twenty minutes already.

a) study

b) studied

c) was studying

d) have been studying

At 2 o’clock yesterday a medical practitioner …my uncle how to properly inject insulin.

a) was showing

b) showed

c) shows

d) had showed

After the physician … all the expected benefits and possible complications he administered the proper medications.

a) has been weighed

b was weighed

c) had weighed

d) weighs

Insulin … usually … in the stomach, upper arm, upper leg, or buttocks.

a)is …injected

b) injects

c) was ..injected

d) had…injected

Final tests in English … by our students next week.

a) will be writing

b) will be written

c) will write

d) will have been written

The intern made a correct diagnosis after he… the cardiac patient for an hour yesterday.

a) examined

b) was examining

c) had been examining

d) have examined

Last month my daughter …from pneumonia.

a) suffers

b) were suffering

c) had suffered

d) suffered

If the patient … unconscious, the drugs will be given to him by parenteral route.

a) was

b) were

c) is

d) will be

The professor …the lecture on the antipyretics from 9 to 11 tomorrow.

a) was delivering

b) is delivering

c) delivers

d) will be delivering

They asked the nurse what the doctor …about the patient’s condition after the complicated operation.

a) says

b) had said

c) is saying

d) has been said

My sister’s health … since she was discharged from the hospital.

A) hadn’t been changed

B) didn’t change

C) hasn’t changed

D) wasn’t changed

Initially the baby … for several minutes at each breast.

A) feeds

B) is being fed

C) is fed

D) has been fed

Look! The infant … at the sound of its mother’s voice.

A) smiles

B) has smiled

C) has been smiling

D) is smiling

The pregnant … folic acid for a month.

A) has been taking

B) has taken

C) is taking

D) is taken

Her son is mentally retarded, so she … him to an ordinary school.

A) won’t give

B) won’t be given

C) won’t be giving

D) won’t have given

If children with autism … properly, the treatment … more effective.

A) will be diagnosed … will be

B) are diagnosed … will be

C) are diagnosed … shall be

D) will be diagnosed … is

Scientists … already in revealing limited number of genes implicated in tumour initiation.

A) have succeeded

B) succeeded

C) will succeed

D) are succeeding

… the parents … to this doctor’s operating on their chills?

A) was … agreed

B) did … agree

C) was … being agreed

D) had … agreed

I … this medication since the beginning of irritation.

a) has used

b) have been using

c) is using

d) used

Dr. Smith … this patient’s stomatitis for almost a year already.

a) is treating

b) had treated

c) will treat

d) has been treating

Now the dentist … all his dental armamentarium for receiving his next patient.

a) prepared

b) is preparing

c) had prepared

d) is being prepared

The dentist … already … filled the patient’s tooth when I entered the dental office.

a) had … filled

b) was … filling

c) is … being filled

d) will … be filling

I … my prescription that’s why I need to visit my dentist once more to have a new one.

a) have lost

b) was lost

c) have been lost

d) was being lost

Last week my teeth sensitivity … by means of this new medication.

a) has treated

b) was treated

c) is treating

d) was treating

Cosmetic stomatologist … often…by her.

a) is … visiting

b) is … being visited

c) is … visited

d) does … visit

Dental therapy … by him when I came.

a) is being performed

b) was being performed

c) is performed

d) has performed

… the patient … by this experienced endodontist now?

a) Is … being examined

b) Is … examining

c) Was … examined

d) Had … been examined

I … studying an important article on dental surgery by Monday.

a) finished

b) will finish

c) shall have finished

d) will be finished

People with maniac-depressive illnesses usually … by a psychiatrist.

A) are treated

B) are being treated

C) have been treated

D) are treating

This child … from autism for some years before behavioral therapy was started.

A) suffered

B) was suffering

C) has been suffering

D) had been suffering

The students … in the laboratory studying the structure of the reproductive system when somebody … off the light.

A) worked … was switching

B) were working … switched

C) had worked … had been switching

D) worked … switched

At 2 o’clock yesterday a medical practitioner … my uncle how to properly inject insulin.

a) is showing
b) was showing
c) showed
d) will show

That patient … by the dentist by 9 o’clock.

a) had been examined

b) had examined

c) has been examined

d) have been examined

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