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What mark ... you... in Anatomy at your examination last year?

E. did … get;

F. have … got;

G. had … got;

H. were … getting.

Protestor Smirnov … lectures in Chemistry every morning.

E. is delivering;

F. was delivering;

G. is delivered;

H. delivers.

An old woman … on right now.

E. is operated;

F. is being operated;

G. has been operated;

H. is operating.

Our teacher … anatomy since 1990.

A. have been teaching;

B. has been teaching;

C. is teaching;

D. was teaching.

The dentist … calls when I came to the polyclinic.

A. was making;

B. made;

C. has made;

D. makes.

The advantages ofdiuretics…still…when I came into the ward.

a) were… discussed

b) are… discussed

c) were…being discussed

d) were… discussing

The nurse …intramuscular injection when the doctor entered the ward.

a) was administering

b) had been administering

c) administered

d) were administering

Hacking cough … before the doctor came.

a) will have been relieved

b) has been relieved

c) were being relieved

d) had been relieved

Ann … her dentist tomorrow.

A. called;

B. will call;

C. has called;

D. was called.

I … ready for the test the whole day yesterday.

A. got;

B. have got;

C. was getting;

D. have been getting.

Last week the teacher … us about dental braces.

A. will tell;

B. was told;

C. has been told;

D. told.

Look! Alice … by the dentist.

A. is being examined;

B. is examined;

C. is examining;

D. has examined.

What … you … at the English lesson today?

A. did … learn;

B. have … learnt;

C. had … learnt;

D. do … learn.

The stomatologist … about her complaints when the phone rang.

A. will tell;

B. was telling;

C. was being told;

D. has told.

You … this exercise by the end of the lesson.

A. will write;

B. will have written;

C. are written;

D. writes.

My father … fruit every day.

A. eats;

B. is eating;

C. had eaten;

D. was eating.

Nina told she … her exam in Odontology the day before.

A. passed;

B. is passed;

C. had passed;

D. will pass.

The patient’s saliva sample … for the analyses yesterday.

A. is taken;

B. took;

C. has been taking;

D. was taken.

When … the vaccine … subcutaneously to produce a more active resistance of the protective mechanisms of the body?

A) will … inject;

B) will … be injected;

C) will … be injecting;

D) will … have been injecting.

The doctor … the patient closely for serious complications for half an hour already.

A) examines;

B) have examined;

C) is examining;

D) has been examining.

In Parkinson’s disease nerve cells in basal ganglia usually …, resulting in lower production of dopamine.

A) degenerates;

B) are degenerating;

C) degenerate;

D) have degenerated.

The students … a lecture on teeth whitening next week.

A. will have;

B. have;

C. has;

D. were having.

John … medications before the doctor came.

A. has taken;

B. had taken;

C. took;

D. was taken.

She … the paragraph on the types of dentures at the moment.

A. was reading;

B. is reading;

C. has read;

D. has been reading.

Ann … already … her report on different types of fillings.

E. is … writing;

F. will … write;

G. has … written;

H. was … written.

I … the information about the endodontic treatment for two hours.

E. learnt;

F. have learnt;

G. were learning;

H. have been learning.

Last week crowns … to an artificial tooth.

E. will be attached;

F. were attached;

G. has been attached;

H. have attached.

Look! The dentist ... the patient`s tooth with forceps.

E. has been pulling;

F. pulls;

G. is pulling;

H. pulled.

What mark ... you... in Anatomy today?

E. did … get;

F. have … got;

G. had … got;

H. were … getting.

Protestor Smirnov … lectures in Chemistry last year.

E. is delivering;

F. was delivering;

G. delivered;

H. delivers.

An old woman … on right now.

E. is operated;

F. is being operated;

G. has been operated;

H. is operating.

A. .

The dentist … my sister anesthesia when I came.

E. was giving;

F. gave;

G. has given;

H. gives.

My aunt … full dentures since the age of 48.

E. is wearing;

F. was wearing;

G. has been wearing;

I. has worn

The scientist … immunologic measurements in people with AIDS with those of healthy people all morning on Monday.

A) will compare;

B) will be compared;

C) will be comparing;

D) will have been compared.

X-ray image of the spinal cord … by the doctor now to detect abnormalities within the spinal column.

A) is taking;

B) has taken;

C) is being taken;

D) has been taken.

He ... that the diagnosis ... fully ... by X-ray examination.

A) have said; is ... confirmed;

B) said; will be confirmed;

C) had said; was ... confirmed;

D) said; had been ... confirmed.

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