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The nurse ... to the doctor now is really an experienced medical worker

a) spoken

b) speaking

c) having spoken

d) being spoken


… drugs for toothache, the patient felt better.

a) Taken

b) Having taken

c) Being taken

d) Having been taken

The students study at the university … 50 years ago.

a) founded

b) being founded

c) having founded

d) founding

The nurse….to the doctor now is really experienced.

a) talked

b) talking

c) having talked

d) being talked

… antiviral drugs, the patient felt better.

a) Taking

b) Having taken

c) Being taken

d) Having been taken

She’s just bought the vitamins … last week.

a) prescribed

b) being prescribed

c) having prescribed

d) prescribing

Though … the patient was conscious.

A) wounding;

B) wounded;

C) having wounded;

D) being wounding.

The oncologist was observed … the operation for mammary cancer.

A) performed;

B) performing;

C) being performed;

D) having been performed.

… the article I could answer their questions.

A) Having been read;

B) Reading;

C) Read;

D) Having read.

I looked at the stethoscope … by my younger sister.

A) breaking;

B) broken;

C) having broken;

D) having breaking.

Who is this doctor … the patient?

A) examined;

B) having been examined;

C) being examined;

D) examining.

… from the medical university, he went abroad to earn money for his future business.

a) Being graduated;

b) Having graduated;

c) Graduating;

d) Having been graduated.

Vitamins … to this patient are called Biovital.

a) administering;

b) having administered;

c) having been administering;

d) administered.

The pharmacist … at this chemist’s is my cousin.

a) worked;

b) having been worked;

c) working;

d) being worked.

The experiment … by my groupmates was really successful.

A) having been carried out;

B) carrying out;

C) having carried out;

D) been carried out.

… by her friends every day Jane doesn’t feel alone.

A) Visiting;

B) Having visited;

C) Being visited;

D) Having been visited.

The … age for immunization should not be construed as absolute.

A) recommending;

B) recommended;

C) having recommended;

D) being recommended.

… inadequate treatment the patient suffering from gastric cancer developed severe side effects.

A) Having administered;

B) Administered;

C) Administering;

D) Having been administered.

… her ill friend, she went home.

A) Having visited;

B) Visiting;

C) Being visited;

D) Having been visited.

… the types of analgesics the teacher gave us some tests to do.

a) Having explained

b) Explained

c) Being explained

d) Having been explained

Look! That woman … ibuprofen for relieving her headache is my patient.

a) being bought

b) having bought

c) buying

d) having been bought

The pharmacist has already found his … key for the cabinet with poisonous drugs.

a) lost

b) being lost

c) losing

d) having been lost

… drugs for toothache, Ann left the chemist’s.

a) Bought

b) Having bought

c) Being bought

d) Having been bought


Bad breath … chronic, he had to consult his dentist.

a) being become

b) having become

c) become

d) having been become


You must have your tooth … .

a) filled

b) having filled

c) being filled

d) having been filled

She lied in bed with her eyes … .

A) being closed;

B) having been closed;

C) closed;

D) closing.

The doctor was sorry to have kept the patient … .

A) waiting;

B) waited;

C) being waited;

D) being waiting.

… too much orange juice she felt bad.

A) Drank;

B) Being drunk;

C) Having drunk;

D) Having been drunk.

We discuss the experiment … 5 min ago.

A) being finished;

B) having finished;

C) finishing;

D) finished.

The student … the text “Hormones’’ is my best friend.

A) reading;

B) read;

C) having been read;

D) being read.

She must take the … drugs for diarrhea twice a day.

A) prescribing;

B) prescribed;

C) having been prescribed;

D) having prescribed.

… the ward the doctor began to examine the patient’s back.

A) Being entered;

B) Entered;

C) Having entered;

D) Entering.

… most of the newborns skin, vernix caseosa helps protecting against infections.

A) Covered;

B) Covering;

C) Having covered;

D) Being covered.

… about vitamins and minerals I found out a lot about their sources and main functions.

a) Reading

b) Being read

c) Read

d) Having been read

Her father is a pharmacologist … by everybody.

a) being respected

b) having respected

c) respecting

d) respected

… the door, I heard the report about cardiovascular medications.

a) Being opened

b) Opened

c) Opening

d) Having been opened

The laboratory examination demonstrated respiratory acidosis … by hypoxemia.

A) accompanied;

B) accompanying;

C) being accompanying;

D) having been accompanied.

His father is a doctor … by his patients.

A) respecting;

B) having respected;

C) respected;

D) having respecting.

Not … how to perform the procedure the nurse asked the doctor in charge to help her.

A) knowing;

B) known;

C) being known;

D) having known.

… for two hours after the procedure, the patient felt rested.

A) Sleeping;

B) Slept;

C) Having slept;

D) Being slept.

The pharmacist … drugs is my best friend.

a) dispensed

b) being dispensed

c) having been dispensed

d) dispensing

… the examination of the patient the physician prescribed the treatment to him.

a) Finishing
b) Having finished
c) Finished
d) Being finished

We have just received the results of the urine test … last week.

a) having made
b) making
c) having been made
d) made

The man … the doctor’s office some minutes ago is his patient.

a) left

b) being left

c) having left

d) having been left

We work at the clinic … 5 years ago.

a) opened

b) being opened

c) having opened

d) opening


The toothache … unbearable, he had to visit the dentist.

a) growing

b) having been grown

c) grow

d) being grown

A little boy … by his mother 5 min. ago, began to cry.

A) leaving;

B) having left;

C) being left;

D) having been left.

The stethoscope … by me was rather new.

A) loosing;

B) having lost;

C) lost;

D) being loosing.

… the medicinal plant was crushed and packed.

A) Dried;

B) Drying;

C) Having dried;

D) Having been dried.

The report …, my sister could go to bed.

A) being prepared;

B) preparing;

C) prepared;

D) having prepared.

The student turned over the pages of the textbook in virology … at the pictures.

a) having been looked

b) looked

c) looking

d) having looked

She's just received the results of the blood test … last week.

a) made

b) making

c) being made

d) having made

… from the medical university, he came to work at this laboratory .

a) Graduated

b) Graduating

c) Having been graduated

d) Having graduated

The IQ test …, the psychologist let all children go.

A) having been finished;

B) finishing;

C) having finished;

D) have finished.

The oncologist … in our clinic came from Kyiv.

A) worked;

B) having been worked;

C) being worked;

D) working.

… to Morshyn I felt relief.

A) Being sent;

B) Sending;

C) Sent;

D) Having sent.

… by the doctor the patient was asked to come in.

A) Being seen;

B) Having seen;

C) Having been seen;

D) Seen.

Antiviral drugs may cause problems … to the stomach and intestine.

a) having related;

b) relating;

c) having been related;

d) being related.

She uses cream for sensitive skin, especially for the … areas.

a) having irritated;

b) having been irritated;

c) irritated;

d) being irritated.

… by doctors regularly, these method deal with a new approach of the diagnostics.

a) Being discussed;

b) Discussing;

c) Having discussed;

d) Having been discussed.

… by the techer regularly, the exercises are very useful for the students.

A) Correcting;

B) Having been corrected;

C) Having corrected;

D) Being corrected.

… my knee I couldn’t attend classes.

A) Hurt;

B) Having hurt;

C) Hurting;

D) Having been hurt.

The doctor looked at my little daughter … .

A) smiling;

B) smiled;

C) having smiled;

D) being smiled.

Influenza is a disease … by a virus.

A) causing;

B) having caused;

C) caused;

D) being caused.

The child suffering from Wilm’s tumour has his kidney … .

A) removing;

B) being removed;

C) having removed;

D) removed.

The girls … in this hostel are the students of the medical university.

a) to be living

b) living

с) to have been living

d) to have lived

She must have this tooth … .

a) extracted

b) being extracted

с) having been extracted

d) extracting


The work … , the nurses went home.

a) being done

b) having being done

с) having been done

d) having done

The question … to the professor were important.

A) putting

B) put

C) having put

D) being putting

The analgesics … by Ann so often didn’t produce any side effect.

a) taking

b) having taken

c) taken

d) having been taken

Who is the woman … with my physician?

a) talking

b) being talked

c) having talked

d) talked

… the antibiotics yesterday, I will go to the chemist’s to buy them tomorrow.

a) Having administered

b) Administering

c) Being administered

d) Having been administered

The professor spoke about athletes using corticosteroids … their photos.

A) showing

B) being shown

C) having shown

D) shown

The pain in the bladder was felt ….

A) having been worsened

B) having been worsening

C) worsening

D) worsened

The weather … fine, the doctor allowed the patient to go for a walk.

A) been

B) having been

C) having being

D) being

Helen waited for the results of the pregnancy test with her heart … fast.

A) having been beat

B) beating

C) beaten

D) being beat

… by the teacher regularly, the exercises are very useful for the students.

A) correcting

B) having been corrected

C) having corrected

D) being corrected

my knee I couldn’t attend classes.

A) hurt

B) having hurt

C) hurting

D) having been hurt

The doctor looked at my little daughter … .

A) smiling

B) smiled

C) having smiled

D) being smiled

Diabetes is a medical condition … by lack of insulin.

A) causing

B) having caused

C) caused

D) being caused

This patient had his kidney … .

A) removing

B) being removed

C) having removed

D) removed

… the test-papers on oral hygiene, the teacher returned them to the students.

a) Having corrected

b) Having been corrected

с) Being corrected

d) Corrected


… the ward, the dentist addressed the patient.

a) Having been entered

b) Entering

с) Being entered

d) Entered


You must have your tooth … before getting braces to create room for the teeth that are being moved into place.

a) extracted

b) being extracted

с) extracting

d) having extracted

… most of the newborns skin, vernix caseosa helps protecting against infections.

A) covered

B) covering

C) having covered

D) being covered

The laboratory examination demonstrated respiratory acidosis … by hypoxemia.

A) accompanied

B) accompanying

C) being accompanying

D) having been accompanied

… for two hours after the procedure, the patient felt rested.

A) sleeping

B) slept

C) having slept

D) being slept

The examination of the newborn … , the neonatologist left the nursery.

A) finishing

B) finished

C) having finished

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