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John ... medications before the doctor came

a) has taken

b) had taken

c) took

d) was taken

Though antivirals … most viruses, they can speed up the recovery process and make the symptoms less severe.

a) do not cure
b) does not cure
c) is not cured
d) was not cured

At the moment the nurseintradermal injections to identify an allergen.

a) makes
b) made
c) is making
d) will make

The student … the lecture on vitamin D deficiency for half an hour already.

a) has been studying
b) was studying
c) studies
d) had been studying

Two weeks ago Zanamivir … by the patient to fight the influenza A virus.

a) has used
b) was used
c) is being used
d) used

39. The professor … about antiviral drugs and their routs of administration from two to three o’clock tomorrow.

a) will speak
b) is speaking
c) was speaking
d) will be speaking

With the help of this probiotic the patient’s microbial flora … in a week.

a) will improve
b) improves
c) will be improving
d) improved

The desired effect of a drug usually … on the moment of its administration compared to meals.

a) depend
b) is depending
c) depends
d) had depended

If you … a full course of antibiotics, you … better in some days.

a) will take / will feel
b) take / feel
c) take / will feel
d) will take / feel

The cardiologist … the examination of the patient suffering from heart failure before the nurse came in.

a) had finished
b) has finished
c) finished
d) have finished

Scientists … already in revealing a limited number of genes implicated in tumour initiation.

A) succeeded

B) succeeds

C) have succeeded

D) were succeeded

The newborn with some congenital malformation … by the neonatologist at the moment.

A) is examining

B) is being examined

C) has been examined

D) is examined

At that moment students … to the professor attentively.

A) listened

B) had listened

C) were listening

D) listen

Friendly relations … between the doctor and the patient.

A) has established

B) has been established

C) have established

D) have been established

Her uncle …as a dentist since 1999.



c)has been working

d)have been working

The patient …by the dentist regularly after surgery.

a)is visited

b)have been visited

c)is visiting

d) was visiting

He …already… his report on root canals treatment.

a)has been preparing

b)is preparing

c)has prepared

d) )have prepared

The first dentures ….from bone or ivory in the 15th century.

a)is carved

b)were carved

c)will be carved

d)has been carved

The dentist …tooth extraction successfully by 7o’clock yesterday.

a)have carried out

b)had carried out

c)has carried out

d)will be carried out

The denturist … a new impression next week.

a)will have constructed

b) will construct

c) have constructed

d)will be constructed

Amalgam fillings…next week.

a)will be put

b)will put

c) will be putting

d)will have put

The advantages of implants…still…when I came into the ward.

a)were… discussed

b)are… discussed

c)were…being discussed

d)were… discussing

Diabetis typically….down healing in the patient’s oral cavity.

a) is slowing

b)has been slowing

c) has been slowed

d) slows

Croocked teeth …already…reshaped by braces.

a) has… been

b) is… being

c)was… being

d) have… been

The dentist was sure that tooth losing in this patient…by gingivitis.

a) caused

b)is caused

c)had been caused

d)will be caused

What…the nurse … in the ward right now ?


b)has…been doing

c)have…been doing


The doctor wears the white gown which … to him by his colleagues some years ago.

A) presented

B) were presented

C) was presented

D) have been presented

Her son … nephrotomy at the moment.

A) performed

B) is being performed

C) performs

D) has been performed

This patient … from kidney stones and nephritis for many years.

A) has been suffering

B) has been suffered

C) is being suffered

D) was suffering

A brief hospitalization usually … in a crisis to prevent a suicidal attempt.

A) need

B) is needing

C) is needed

D) will have been needed

The woman … for some years before she got pregnant.

A) was smoking

B) smoked

C) had been smoking

D) had smoked

The newborn just … by a nurse.

A) has weight and measured

B) was weight and measured

C) was being weighed and measured

D) has been weight and measured

… your child … from influenza last year?

A) Did … suffer

B) Was … suffered

C) Has … suffered

D) Did … suffered

Where is your wife? – She … our newborn son.

A) breastfeeds

B) is breastfed

C) is breastfeeding

D) breastfed

The doctor said that a day before the child … to a special care nursery.

A) was taken

B) was taking

C) had been taken

D) had taken

Last week the measles vaccine … in combination with mumps and rubella vaccine.

A) gave

B) has been given

C) was given

D) was giving

… the doctor already … the woman how to prepare nipples before she began breastfeeding?

A) Did … explain

B) Had … explained

C) Has … explained

D) Has … been explained

For the first baby, full milk production usually … in 72 to 96 hours.

A) establish

B) is established

C) has been established

D) was establishing

People with normal throat cultures who … recently against diphtheria … need treatment and … a risk to others.

A) have been vaccinated … didn’t need … aren’t considered

B) had been vaccinated … don’t need … aren’t considered

C) have been vaccinated … don’t need … aren’t considered

D) had been vaccinated … don’t need … weren’t considered

The doctor said that in healthy well-nourished children measles … rarely serious.

A) will be

B) should be

C) is

D) was

When I entered the ward the patient with diphtheria … an antitoxin.

A) was giving

B) was being given

C) was given

D) gave

… you … for the doctor yesterday? – I … for twenty minutes when he … at last.

A) Did … wait, had been waiting, came

B) Were … waiting, was waiting, had come

C) Had … been waiting, waited, came

D) Had … waited, had been waiting, was coming

Physicians usually … patients in their consulting rooms.

A) receives

B) receive

C) are receiving

D) have been receiving

My mother told me that she … these drugs for her kidney disease by this nephrologist.

A) has administered

B) administered

C) was being administered

D) had been administered

In two days the nurse … to the patient’s house to give him the administered injections.

A) come

B) shall come

C) will have come

D) will come

He … by the oncologist yet.

A) wasn’t consulted

B) didn’t consult

C) hasn’t been consulted

D) hadn’t consulted

The doctor … a baby a thorough physical examination for half an hour to detect any abnormalities.

A) has been given

B) has given

C) has been giving

D) is giving

45. Before the lesson was over all students … the final test on the last modulus.

A) has written

B) had written

C) have been writing

D) were writing

By 3 o’clock tomorrow the professor … the lecture on the immunity for half an hour.

A) will deliver

B) will be delivered

C) will have delivered

D) will have been delivering

I usually … home but yesterday I … a taxi.

A) walk … took

B) am walking … was taking

C) walk … had taken

D) am walking …. has taken

When the patient … by the physician he said that a dry cough … two days before.

A) asked … developed

B) was asked … developed

C) was asked … had developed

D) asked … was developing

… scientists … vaccine against dental caries in the nearest future?

A) will … produce

B) will … be produced

C) will … have been produced

D) will … have been producing

My sister’s health … since she was discharged from the hospital.

A) hadn’t been changed

B) didn’t change

C) hasn’t changed

D) wasn’t changed

Initially the baby … for several minutes at each breast.

A) feeds

B) is being fed

C) is fed

D) has been fed

Look! The infant … at the sound of its mother’s voice.

A) smiles

B) has smiled

C) has been smiling

D) is smiling

The pregnant … folic acid for a month.

A) has been taking

B) has taken

C) is taking

D) is taken

48. Her son is mentally retarded, so she … him to an ordinary school.

A) won’t give

B) won’t be given

C) won’t be giving

D) won’t have given

If children with autism … properly, the treatment … more effective.

A) will be diagnosed … will be

B) are diagnosed … will be

C) are diagnosed … shall be

D) will be diagnosed … is

Scientists … already in revealing limited number of genes implicated in tumour initiation.

A) have succeeded

B) succeeded

C) will succeed

D) are succeeding

Food … two types of iron.

a) is containing

b) contains

c) contained

d) will contain

The patient’s behaviour … good yesterday.

a) will be

b) was

c) were

d) would

Next week the students … a lecture on pharmacology.

a) shall have

b) will have

c) had

d) has

The cutaneous rate … for local treatments.

a) is used

b) are used

c) were used

d) have used

These pharmacists … tinctures now.

a) prepared

b) are preparing

c) will prepare

d) was preparing

She … the glassware a 8 o’clock yesterday.

a) is sterilizing

b) was sterilizing

c) were sterilizing

d) will sterilize

Analgesics … the cause of the pain but they will provide temporary relief from pain symptoms.

a) will not treat

b) will treat

c) would treat

d) were treating

The patient … drugs for cough at 3 p.m. tomorrow.

a) will be taking

b) took

c) takes

d) have taken

My father … already … some antivirals medicines at the chemist’s.

a) has bought

b) bought

c) buy

d) have bought

The patient … the vitamins by that time.

a) took

b) had taken

c) will take

d) were taking

Her uncle …a dentist respected by everyone.



c)has been

d)have been

The patient …for the dentist from 5 till 7 o’clock tomorrow.

a)will be waiting

b)have been waiting

c)will have waited

d) will wait

Don’t disturb him. He …at his report on root canals treatment.

a)has been working

b)is working

c)was working


Veneers …by a California dentist named Charles Pincus.

a)is invented

b)were invented

c)will be invented

d)has been invented

The dentist …already …out a preliminary intra-oral examination.

a)have carried

b)has carried

c)had carried

d)will be carried

The dentist … a new denture by the next week.

a)will have constructed

b) will construct

c) have constructed

d)will be constructed

Temporary fillings…in different situations.

a)are used


c)have used

d)has used

They …the use of different types of fillings next time.

a) will have discussed

b) has been discussing

c) will discuss

d)will be discussing

Oral sedation typically…anxiety.


b)has relieved

c)is relieving


Absent teeth …already…substituted by bridgework.

a) has been

b)have been

c)was being

d)is being

A man …unconscious for a few minutes before an ambulance arrived.


b)has been

c)had been


Вставте потрібну форму дієприкметника:


The question … to the professor were important.

A) putting

B) put

C) having put

D) being putting

The professor spoke about athletes using corticosteroids … their photos.

A) showing

B) being shown

C) having shown

D) shown

The pain in the bladder was felt ….

A) having been worsened

B) having been worsening

C) worsening

D) worsened

… from the medical university, John started working as an endodontist.

a) Being graduated

b) Having been graduated

c) Graduated

d) Having graduated


The patient had his teeth … .

a) whitened

b) whitening

c) having whitened

d) having been whitened


The dentist was heard … the patient special toothpaste for people who smoke.

a) being recommended

b) recommended

c) recommending

d) having been recommended

The weather … fine, the doctor allowed the patient to go for a walk.

A) been

B) having been

C) having being

D) being

… the chemist’s, he saw his friend buying amoxicillin.

a) Having been entered

b) Entering

c) Entered

d) Being entered

… anivirals to prevent influenza, she didn’t get sick.

a) Taken

b) Being taken

c) Having taken

d) Having been taken

Penicillin is an antibiotic, … by everyone.

a) knowing

b) having known

c) having been known

d) known

Helen waited for the results of the pregnancy test with her heart … fast.

A) having been beat

B) beating

C) beaten

D) being beat

… the newborn the pediatrician began giving recommendations to its mother.

A) Being examined;

B) Examined;

C) Having examined;

D) Having been examined.

Her mother … English, he knows the language very well.

A) teaching;

B) taught;

C) having teaching;

D) being taught.

She has just received the results of the blood test … last.

A) having made;

B) making;

C) being make;

D) made.

Antibiotic … to this patient is called Genticin.

A) administering

B) being administered

C) having administered

D) administered

The house … in our street now - is a new building of hospital.

A) building

B) being built

C) having built

D) having been built

… all the new words, I started to learn them.

A) Having been written

B) Being written out

C) Having written out

D) Written out

The work …, the nurses went home.

A) being doing;

B) doing;

C) having done;

D) having been done.

The doctor was sorry to have kept the patient … .

A) having waiting;

B) waited;

C) being waited;

D) having been waited.

… buttocks first, the baby’s head didn’t become misshapen.

A) delivering;

B) having delivering;

C) having been delivered;

D) delivered.

… by his mother, the boy tries to make his first steps.

A) Being supported;

B) Supporting;

C) Having supported;

D) Having been supported.

… full physical examination of the patient, the doctor went downstairs to talk with the patient’s relatives.

A) Performing;

B) Having performed;

C) Being performed;

D) Performed.

The mother is looking at her baby … in the crib.

A) being placed;

B) placed;

C) having been placed;

D) having placed.

The operation for nephritis … , the surgeon left the operating room.

A) finishing;

B) finished;

C) having finished;

D) having been finished.

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