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Войное дело

What... we... the venulles?

A) are; called;

B) do; call;

C) do; calling;

D) is; call.

The surgeon … to the patient that the operation … successfully.

A) said; passed;

B) said; pass;

C) said; had passed;

D) said; will pass.

What … skin cancer usually … by?

A) are, caused;

B) is, caused;

C) is, cause;

D) do, cause.

To improve the patient’s sleep and the condition of his nervous system he … bromide during the whole course of the disease until he was discharged from the hospital.

A) had been taken;

B) had been taking;

C) was taken;

D) took.

This patient … fully because he suffers from AIDS.

A) won’t cure;

B) won’t be curing;

C) won’t be cured;

D) won’t have been cured.

While the patient … by the physician he said that a dry cough had developed two days before.

A) was asking;

B) asked;

C) was being asked;

D) has been asked.

When all the received stimuli … the brain sends orders through the nerve fibers in the spinal cord to different parts of the human body.

A) has been analyzed;

B) have been analyzed;

C) is analyzed;

D) is analyzing.

The professor … the lecture at 12 o’clock tomorrow.

A. have delivered;

B. will be delivering;

C. will deliver;

D. will be delivered.

John felt better after he … a good rest.

A. has had;

B. had had;

C. had;

D. was having.

All the findings in dental examination … in the patient`s card 5 minutes ago.

A. were writing;

B. have written;

C. have been written;

D. were written.

How long … you … the methods of lymph nodes inspecting?

A. have … been studying;

B. will … have studied;

C. had … studied;

D. does … study.

The doctor … just … the problem with his jaw.

A. had … identified;

B. has … identified;

C. was … identifying;

D. has … been identifying.

The operation … in half an hour.

A. was finished;

B. was finishing;

C. has finished;

D. will be finished.

Computed tomography … by the dentist yesterday.

A. has been used;

B. will use;

C. was used;

D. used.

X-ray examination … just … .

A. has … been made;

B. has … made;

C. had … made;

D. was … made.

The report … from 3 till 5.

A. was being read;

B. was read;

C. is read;

D. had being read.

The nurse … your analyses from the lab 2 days ago.

A. had taken;

B. took;

C. has taken;

D. was taking.

By 3 o’clock on Monday the professor … the lecture on the immunity for half an hour already.

A) was delivering;

B) will deliver;

C) will be delivering;

D) will have been delivering.

Before the lesson was over all the students … the final test on the last modulus.

A) had written;

B) had been written;

C) has been written;

D) was writing.

All morning the doctor … diagnostic tests and procedures to confirm nuerologic disorder suggested by the medical history.

A) will perform;

B) will be performed;

C) will be performing;

D) will performing.

Diseases of the inner ear … often … with deafness.

A) are … associated;

B) is … associated;

C) are … associating;

D) are … being associated.

Before admission to the hospital the patient aged 48 … lobular pneumonia gradually for weeks.

A) developed;

B) were developing;

C) had been developing;

D) had developed.

When … HIV infection first … in this patient with pneumonia?

A) was … detected;

B) did … detect;

C) was … being detected;

D) had … detected.

The students … lectures on eye diseases since the professor went to Kyiv.

A) didn’t attend;

B) wasn’t attended;

C) haven’t attended;

D) hadn’t attended.

At that moment a needle … in the spinal canal to obtain a sample of cerebro-spinal fluid.

A) was inserted;

B) inserted;

C) had been inserted;

D) was being inserted.

The patient … difficulty in breathing yesterday.

A) didn’t have;

B) wasn’t having;

C) hadn’t had;

D) doesn’t have.

When the nurse entered the doctor’s consulting room, the patient … by the neurologist.

A) is being examined;

B) was being examined;

C) is examining;

D) was examining .

Her uncle … from vitamin deficiency since 1999.

a) suffers

b) suffered

c) has been suffering

d) have been suffering

The patient … opioid analgesic after surgery yesterday.

a) was administered

b) have been administered

c) is administering

d) was administering

We …already… our reports on presentation of drugs.

a) has… been preparing

b) is… preparing

c) has… prepared

d) have… prepared

Lack of specific vitamins … to distinctive deficiency states.

a) is led

b) leads

c) lead

d) have led

Antihistamines … in different forms, including tablets, capsules, liquids, nasal sprays, and eyedrops.

a) have produced

b) produced

c) are produced

d) will produce

A suppository … inside the body in an hour.

a) will have dissolved

b) will dissolve

c) have dissolved

d) will be dissolving

The patient … fluothane right now.

a) is inhaling

b) inhaled

c) was inhaling

d) is inhaled

The students … a lecture on teeth whitening last week.

E. have had;

F. had;

G. has;

H. were having.

John felt sick after he … those medications.

E. has taken;

F. had taken;

G. took;

H. was taken.

She … the paragraph on the types of dentures for an hour.

E. were reading;

F. is reading;

G. has read;

H. has been reading.

Ann … still … her report on different types of fillings.

E. is … writing;

F. will … write;

G. has … written;

H. was … written.

I … most information about the endodontic treatment from this book.

E. had learnt;

F. have learnt;

G. was learning;

H. has been learning.

A resin bonded bridge … often … to replace front teeth.

E. will … use;

F. were … used;

G. has … used;

H. is … used.

What... you... now?

E. have … been studying;

F. will … study;

G. are … studying;

H. were … studied.

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