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Insulin ... any metabolism?

A) Does … control;

B) Did ... controlled;

C) Can ...controlled;

D) Is ...control.

Before he … to eat he … some anticholinergic.

A) had started; was given;

B) started; had been given;

C) started; give;

D) started; has been given.

… your son … last year?

A) Is … vaccinated;

B) Was … vaccinated;

C) Did … vaccinated;

D) Does … vaccinated.

Tomorrow an ophthalmologist … the conjunctival sac with disinfectant solution.

A) will be washing out;

B) will wash out;

C) will be washed out;

D) will have washed out.

His district physician … severe form of pneumonia before he … some antibiotics.

A) has diagnosed/administered

B) had diagnosed/ administered

C) diagnosed/ has administered

D) diagnosed/ had administered

The patient said, “I am a vegetarian. I … restrictive diet since I was a little girl”.

A) follows

B) was following

C) have followed

D) had followed

… you … ibuprofen or diclofenac to relive your headache yesterday?

A) Do…take

B) Did…take

C) Have…taken

D) Had…taken

The nurses … the likelihood of infants’ iron deficiency when the doctor on duty … the staffroom.

A) discuss/ enter

B) discussed/ had entered

C) is discussing/has entered

D) were discussing/ entered

My mother … cough syrup that contains suppressant plus an expectorant for the last three days.

A) drink

B) had drunk

C) has been drinking

D) had been drinking

... you … at your thesis “Oral Route of Drug Administration” now?

A) Is…working

B) Are…working

C) Have…worked

D) Was…working

Tom … for the results of HIV test for two days when the laboratory assistant said it was negative.

A) waited

B) was waited

C) was waiting

D) had been waiting

My brother told me he … from the enlarged thyroid gland.

A) suffer

B) suffered

C) have suffered

D) shall suffer

You… for him when he … all his patients.

A) wait/examine

B) shall wait/shall examine

C) will be waiting/examine

D) will be waiting/examines

Our doctor … us the necessary information about analgesics by the end of this month.

A) gives

B) is giving

C) will give

D) will have given

All tomorrow morning the doctor … diagnostic tests and procedures to confirm neurologic disorder suggested by the medical history.

A) will perform;

B) will be performed;

C) will be performing;

D) will have been performed.

… a blockage in the blood supply to the brain … a stroke yesterday or the day before yesterday?

A) Had …caused;

B) Did … cause;

C) Was… causing;

D) Did … caused.

The current symptoms … by the patient now.

A) are described;

B) are being described;

C) are describing;

D) have been described.

Intradermal route … especially … for intradermal reactions.

a) have … been used

b) are … being used

c) are … used

d) is … used

The doctor … him the transdermal route of this drug administration two days ago.

a) prescribed

b) has prescribed

c) have prescribed

d) was prescribing

The students … the preparations containing powder the whole lesson yesterday.

a) have discussed

b) are discussing

c) were discussing

d) have been discussed

Tablets … always simple and convenient to use.

a) shall be

b) has been

c) is

d) are

The dentist … the patient’s teeth since the very morning.

a) has been treating

b) treats

с) have been treating

d) will treat


The denturist … a new denture by the next week.

a) will construct

b) will be constructing

с) will have constructed

d) will have been constructing


The apparatus for teeth whitening … now.

a) is being prepared

b) has being prepared

с) has been prepared

d) will be prepared


If our teacher … me, I shall tell everything I know about dental caries.

a) will ask

b) asked

с) asks

d) will be asking


The dentist … patients the whole morning on Monday.

a) examines

b) examined

с) will examine

d) will be examining


Morphine … by the time she came yesterday.

a) was injected

b) had injected

с) had been injected

d) were injected


The student … ready for the exam in Dentistry for 6 hours yesterday.

a) was getting

b) gets

с) has been getting

d) had been getting


The dentist explained that oral hygiene … by the patient adequately.

a) haven’t been observed

b) hasn’t been observed

с) hadn’t been observed

d) hadn’t observed


The students … already … the text about cosmetic dentistry.

a) had … been read

b) have … read

с) are … read

d) are … reading


… the patient with missing teeth … titanium post when the intern entered dentist office?

a) Was … being placed

b) Will … have been placed

с) Has … been placing

d) Had … placed

The patient … his tablet before he went for a walk.

a) had been taken

b) was taken

c) has taken

d) had taken

They … an interesting movie about minerals and vitamins at nine a.m. tomorrow.

a) will be watched

b) shall watch

c) will be watching

d) are watched

In a week I … antivirals to prevent influenza.

a) shall take

b) shall be taken

c) is taken

d) was taken

Antibiotics … also … as antibacterials.

a) have … known

b) had … known

c) is … known

d) are … known

Some students of our university … at the international conference in France last year.

a) take part

b) have taken part

c) will have taken part

d) took part

The patients with incurable diseases … morphine to relieve their pain.

a) give

b) was given

c) will give

d) are given

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs … already … during meals to reduce the gastric irritation.

a) were … taken

b) will … be taken

c) have ... been taken

d) are … taken

We … about pills, tablets, capsules and caplets by the end of the lecture on pharmacology.

a) shall have spoken

b) shall speak

c) shall be speaking

d) shall be spoken

At the moment the lecture on the routs of drugs administration … in room six.

a) is delivered

b) was delivered

c) is being delivered

d) delivers

We … in detail the principle of medicated syrup manufacturing before our practice at the pharmacy … .

a) learned / started

b) learned / had started

c) had learned / started

d) had learned / had started


While the mother … paracetamol suppositories for her infant, other customers … in the line.

a) bought / waited

b) buys / wait

c) was buying / were waiting

d) is buying / are waiting

The patient who … before was allowed to go for a walk.

a) was operated

b) is operated

c) has been operated

d) had been operated

At 10 o’clock yesterday our teacher of endocrinology … to us how to use insulin.

a) explained

b) had explained

c) was explaining

d) has explained

She's just received the results of the blood test which … last week.

a) was made

b) has been made

c) made

d) is made

My friend … an article on the use of analgesics and antihistamines at the moment.

a) is writing

b) writes

c) is written

d) will be writing

Different routes of drug administration … by the students during the whole evening on Wednesday.

a) was being studied

b) were studying

c) were being studied

d) was studied

My sister’s state of health … since she was discharged from the hospital.

A) didn’t change;

B) isn’t changed;

C) hasn’t changed;

D) wasn’t changed.

The patient has lost a considerable amount of blood, that’s why he … a blood transfusion now.

A) gives;

B) is giving;

C) is being given;

D) had been given.

When … you … your last asthma attack?

A) will … have;

B) did … have;

C) are … having;

D) had … had.

The cranial nerves, motor nerves, sensory nerves, and reflexes of this patient … now.

A) are being examined;

B) examined;

C) will be examined;

D) have examined.

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