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I wish you ... what vitamins to take while following restrictive diet at present

a) knew

b) would know

c) had known

d) would have known

But for my headache I … everything about cough medicines yesterday.

a) had learned

b) learned

c) would learn

d) would have learnt

But for the rain tomorrow she … medicinal plants.

A) would collect;

B) collected;

C) would have collected;

D) will collect.

If he … the text about mental retardation yesterday, he … a bad mark.

A) translated, wouldn’t got;

B) had translated, wouldn’t have got;

C) has translated, will not get;

D) translates, wouldn’t have got.

But for his fever the doctor … from the hospital tomorrow.

A) would discharge;

B) discharged;

C) would have discharged;

D) would be discharged.

If I … you I … the doctor.

A) was … would consult;

B) was … would have consulted;

C) would be … consulted;

D) were … would consult.

I wish she … so careless of her health.

A) was not;

B) were not;

C) is not;

D) should not be.

If Mary … to the bed regimen, she would recover soon.

A) keeps;

B) kept;

C) would keep;

D) would have kept.

If only the doctor … earlier!

A) would come;

B) have come;

C) came;

D) would have come.

If you … a vegetarian you … deficient of vitamin B12.

a) had been/wouldn’t be

b) were/would have been

c) had been/wouldn’t be

d) were/would be

I wish I … more vitamins and minerals every day.

a) wouldn’t consume

b) would consume

c) had consumed

d) consumed

But for the late hour I … more about antipyretics and analgesics.

a) would read

b) read

c) wouldn’t read

d) had read

If we … antivirals then we … from swine flu last winter.

a) took/would suffer

b) took/wouldn’t suffer

c) had taken/wouldn’t have suffered

d) had taken/would suffer

She closed the window lest the children … cold.

A) catch;

B) had caught;

C) would catch;

D) should catch.

If you … a month ago, you … from influenza now.

A) had vaccinated … didn’t suffer;

B) had been vaccinated … wouldn’t suffer;

C) were vaccinated … shouldn’t suffer;

D) vaccinated … wouldn’t suffer.

It is necessary that you … fluids freely.

A) would drink;

B) should drink;

C) should have drunk;

D) would have drunk.

Ann … her ill friend tomorrow if she … free time.

A) will have visited, will have;

B) will visit, will have;

C) would have visited, had;

D) would visit, had.

You … better today if you … these drugs yesterday.

A) would feel, had taken;

B) would feel, have taken;

C) felt, had taken;

D) feel, took.

I wish the doctor … the proper antihistamines last spring.

a) had administered
b) would have administered
c) administered
d) would administer

If I … you I … the cardiologist before taking these beta-blockers.

a) was / would have consulted
b) was / would consult
c) were / would consult
d) were / would be consulted

If the doctor … the proper expectorant last week the patient … pneumonia.

a) administered / wouldn’t have developed
b) had administered / wouldn’t have developed
c) administered / won’t develop
d) didn’t administer / didn’t develop

But for his fever the doctor … him from the hospital in two days.

a) would discharge
b) would have discharged
c) would have been discharged
d) would be discharged

He looks as if he …sick now.



c)would be

d) would have been

I wish I…to the dentist today.

a)had gone


c)would go

d)would have gone

In your place I …take some pain reliever.

a)would take

b)would have taken


d)had taken

If the doctor…usually more attentive to his patients, he …more effective treatment.

a)were, would administer

b) would be, administered

c)had been, would have administered

d) would have been, had administered

If you …your dentist yesterday ,you … have from terrible toothache all night.

a)had visited ,wouldn’t have suffered

b)visited, wouldn’t suffer

c) would visit, didn’t suffer

d) would have visited ,hadn’t suffered

In your place I … this patient tomorrow.

A) wouldn’t have discharged;

B) will not have discharged;

C) wouldn’t discharge;

D) wouldn’t discharged.

I wish I … the university 2 years ago.

A) haven’t entered;

B) hadn’t enter;

C) hasn’t entered;

D) hadn’t entered.

But for the bad nutrition this patient … soon.

A) would recover;

B) will recover;

C) would recovered;

D) will be recovered.

If I … you I … him another treatment.

A) were, will prescribe;

B) will be, would prescribe;

C) was, will prescribe;

D) were, would prescribe.

If she … me yesterday, I … her about our home task in English.

A) called, would have told;

B) had called, would have told;

C) has called, would have told;

D) will call, will tell.

I wish I … where the endocrinologist is.

A) knew;

B) know;

C) knows;

D) known.

You have symptoms of some infection. In your place I…a doctor.

a) consulted

b) would consult

c) would have been consulted

d) had consulted

If the mother had reminded her son of taking medicines, he … to take another dose.

a) would forget

b) would not have forgotten

c) forgot

d) would not forget

If her husband …variety of foods, it… necessary to take vitamin supplements.

a) ate / wouldn’t be

b) would have been eaten /would not be

c) would eat / were not

d) had been eaten / would have been

I wish she … not so careless of her health.

a) would be

b) would have been

c) were

d) are

If I … thirsty I … some water.

A) will be, will drink;

B) was, would drink;

C) am, will be drinking;

D) were, would drink.

You … fever if you … drugs yesterday.

A) wouldn’t have had, had taken;

B) wouldn’t have, have taken;

C) wouldn’t have had, took;

D) wouldn’t have, take.

If only I … how to make injections!

A) will know;

B) knew;

C) know;

D) known.

If I … enough money I … vitamins.

A) have, would have bought;

B) have, would buy;

C) had, will buy;

D) had, would buy.

If this woman … from rubella during her pregnancy, her child … healthy now.

A) hasn’t suffered, will be;

B) hadn’t suffered, would be;

C) didn’t suffer, would be;

D) hadn’t suffered, will be.

If I … you, I … the patient about his previous symptoms.

A) have been, will ask;

B) will be, would ask;

C) was, will ask;

D) were, would ask.

I wish I … you yesterday.

a) met;

b) had met;

c) would meet;

d) would have met.

If I… you I … a gastroenterologist before taking these medicines for stomachache.

a) had been / would have been consulted;

b) was / would be consulted;

c) would be / consulted;

d) were / would consult.

The woman with atopic dermatitis … severe itching and skin rash yesterday evening if she … hydrocortisone cream.

a) wouldn’t have had/ had applied;

b) won’t have/had applied;

c) had/would apply;

d) hadn’t have/ applied.

If I … you I … read directions for the administrations of this over-the-counter sedative drug.

a) am / would;

b) was / would;

c) will be / would;

d) were / would.

But for the prophylactic vaccination two years ago, he … measles for sure.

A) would have had;

B) will have;

C) will be having;

D) would has.

I wish I … the university without entrance exams.

A) will enter;

B) enter;

C) entered;

D) would enter.

You … excellent mark in English yesterday, if you … the text about urinary tract by heart.

A) wouldn’t have got, hadn’t learned;

B) wouldn’t got, hadn’t learned;

C) wouldn’t get, don’t learn;

D) wouldn’t have got, didn’t learn.

She … to stay at home today to get ready with her report on oral sedation.

a) prefer

b) prefers

с) would prefer

d) has prefered

If she … you, she would consult a dentist.

a) was

b) were

с) is

d) are

I wish she … from hypovitaminosis.

a) hadn’t suffered

b) hasn’t suffered

с) didn’t suffer

d) wouldn’t suffer

If the dentist … me yesterday, I … a toothache today.

a) has helped, wouldn’t have had

b) had helped, wouldn’t have

с) have helped, wouldn’t have

d) would help, didn’t have

But for his fear, the dentist … procedure without dental sedation.

a) performed

b) would perform

с) had performed

d) has performed

If only I … about the symptoms of mumps!

A) knew;

B) have known;

C) will know;

D) know.

But for my poor English, I … to Australia.

A) will go;

B) would go;

C) went;

D) have gone.

If I … you were in the hospital, I … to visit you.

A) had known, would go;

B) had known, would have gone;

C) have known, will go;

D) know, would have gone.

I wish I … the exam in Anatomy successfully.

A) will pass;

B) pass;

C) passed;

D) have passed.

If I … bad yesterday, I … to the nearest polyclinic.

A) had, would go;

B) had felt, would have gone;

C) have had, would gone;

D) have, would have gone.

You … problems with your teeth if you … them regularly.

A) wouldn’t have, cleaned;

B) will not have, will clean;

C) wouldn’t have had, clean;

D) wouldn’t have, will clean.

If I … you, I … this cough mixture.

A) was, will not take;

B) will be, wouldn’t take;

C) were, will not take;

D) were, wouldn’t take.

But for diabetes mellitus he … a lot of sweets.

A) will eat;

B) would eat;

C) had eaten;

D) eats.

But for the fever she … to the students’ medical conference last Monday.

a) had gone

b) would go

c) would have gone

d) went

I wish I … what products include Vitamin D.

a) knew

b) had been known

c) would know

d) would have known

If the girl … great doses of vitamins, side effect … .

a) takes; would appear

b) took; would appear

c) would take; had appeared

d) would have taken; had appeared

In your place I … that patient from the hospital tomorrow. He needs additional examination.

a) didn’t discharge

b) hadn’t discharged

c) wouldn’t have discharged

d) wouldn’t discharge

I insist that you … your blood for analysis.

A) will give;

B) should give;

C) give;

D) gave.

If only I … avoid this infection!

A) can;

B) could;

C) will can;

D) have could.

You … from measles last year if you … in your childhood.

A) wouldn’t suffer, were vaccinated;

B) will not suffer, had been vaccinated;

C) wouldn’t have suffered, will be vaccinated;

D) wouldn’t have suffered, had been vaccinated.

But for his headache he … his home task yesterday.

A) would have prepared;

B) would prepare;

C) will prepare;

D) will have prepared.

If I … you I … so much smoked food.

A) was, wouldn’t eat;

B) were, wouldn’t eat;

C) will be, will not eat;

D) had been you, wouldn’t eat.

I wish I … the doctor yesterday.

A) call for;

B) have called for;

C) had called for;

D) will call for.

It is important that you … to the lecture attentively.

A) would listen;

B) should listened;

C) will listen;

D) should have listened to.

If only I … how to measure the blood pressure!

A) know;

B) knew;

C) will know;

D) would know.

If the ward … , the patients … better.

A) had been aired, would have felt;

B) has been aired, will feel;

C) had been aired, will felt;

D) was aired, would have felt.

She behavied as if she … no fear.

A) has ;

B) had;

C) have had;

D) would have.

We … the diagnosis but the necessary apparatus was broken.

A) will have made;

B) would made;

C) would have made;

D) would make.

I worry lest my child … the infection.

A) contracted;

B) would contract;

C) should contract;

D) would have contracted.

But for his sore throat we … to the river.

A) will go;

B) would go;

C) went;

D) would gone.

I wish she … so careless of her health.

A) were not;

B) was not;

C) is not;

D) would be not.

If you … two months ago, you … from measles now.

A) had been vaccinated … would not have suffered;

B) vaccinated … would not have suffered;

C) was vaccinated … would not suffer;

D) had been vaccinated … would not suffer.

If only the pediatrician … earlier!

A) comes;

B) came;

C) will come;

D) would come.

In your place I … so much pickled food.

A) had not eaten;

B) did not eat;

C) will not eat;

D) would not eat.

Doctors insist that pregnant women … .

A) will not smoke;

B) would not smoke;

C) should not smoke;

D) didn’t smoke.

If you … so absentminded, you … so many mistakes.

A) were not…wouldn’t have made;

B) was not… wouldn’t have made;

C) would not be … wouldn’t have made;

D) would be not … wouldn’t make .

He … to be vaccinated as he has a weakened immune system.

A) should like

B) would like

C) liked

D) should have liked

But for poor immune system her infant … this viral infection.

A) wouldn’t contracted

B) shouldn’t contract

C) wouldn’t have contracted

D) didn’t contract

If he … against tetanus, he wouldn’t have developed this infection.

A) had been inoculated

B) were inoculated

C) would be inoculated

D) would have been inoculated

I wish she … soon.

A) recovered

B) had recovered

C) should recover

D) would recover

My sister looked as if she … very ill.

A) was

B) would be

C) should be

D) were

If the child … adequately nourished, complicating infection ….

A) had been … wouldn’t have developed

B) were … wouldn’t have developed

C) was … wouldn’t develop

D) had been … shouldn’t have developed

It is necessary that a pregnant woman … to the doctor’s recommendations.

A) would keep

B) should have kept

C) should keep

D) kept

She worried lest her mother suffering from chronic heart disease … the infection.

A) would contract

B) contracted

C) should contract

D) have contracted

But for his fever the doctor … from the hospital tomorrow.

A) would discharge

B) discharged

C) would have discharged

D) would be discharged

If I … you I … the doctor.

A) was … would consult

B) was … would have consulted

C) would be … consulted

D) were … would consult

I wish she … so careless of her health.

A) was not

B) were not

C) is not

D) should not be

If Mary … to the bed regimen, she would recover soon.

A) keeps

B) kept

C) would keep

D) would have kept

If only the doctor … earlier.

A) would come

B) have come

C) came

D) would have come

She closed the window lest the children … cold.

A) catch

B) had caught

C) would catch

D) should catch

It is necessary that you … fluids freely.

A) would drink

B) should drink

C) should have drunk

D) would have drunk

If you … a month ago, you … from influenza now.

A) had vaccinated … didn’t suffer

B) had been vaccinated … wouldn’t suffer

C) were vaccinated … shouldn’t suffer

D) vaccinated … wouldn’t suffer

I … some antipyretic drugs but I didn’t have money.

A) would bought

B) would buy

C) would have bought

D) should buy

If the patient …, his children wouldn’t have contracted the infection.

A) was isolated

B) were isolated

C) had isolated

D) had been isolated

If you … so absentminded, you … so many mistakes.

A) was not … wouldn’t make

B) were not … wouldn’t have made

C) would be … didn’t make

D) was not … shouldn’t have made

Yesterday the doctor … the same.

A) did

B) had done

C) would do

D) would have done

I wish I … the doctor yesterday.

A) consulted

B) have consulted

C) had consulted

D) would consulted

It is desirable that this pregnant … to the doctors recommendation.

A) would keep

B) kept

C) should keep

D) would have kept

But for the vaccination the grippe … to severe complications.

A) should have led

B) should lead

C) lead

D) would have led

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