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Инфинитив в функции вводного члена предложения.

Инфинитив может быть в предложении вводным элементом:

to tell the truth по правде говоря

to be frank если говорить откровенно

to be honest честно говоря

to begin with прежде всего

to put it mildly мягко выражаясь

to anticipate a little забегая несколько вперед

to be sure несомненно

to conclude (to sum up) в заключение (суммируя)

needless to say само собой разумеется

not to mention не говоря уже о

to put it in another way иначе говоря

to say nothing of не говоря уже о

so to speak так сказать

suffice it to say достаточно сказать, что

that is to say то есть

To tell the truth,it was quite unexpected for me.

По правде говоря,это было совершенно неожиданно для меня.


To begin with,I would like to invite you to our city.

Прежде всего,мне бы хотелось пригласить вас в наш город.


Передача перфектного инфинитива.

При переводе предложений с перфектным инфинитивом следует помнить, что данная грамматическая категория выражает предшествование по отношению к настоящему моменту, а также, употребляясь после модального глагола, обозначает нереализованное действие.


He was glad to have achieved such high results in his studies.

Он был рад, что достигтаких высоких результатов в учебе.


She might have gone to Paris too, if she had enough money.

Возможно, она тоже поехала быв Париж, если бы у нее было достаточно денег.


Практическое задание

Переведите следующие предложения, обращая особое внимание на передачу инфинитивов:


1. The report, to be submitted to the General Assembly this month, emphatically rejects the view that economic aid for Africa is no longer necessary.

2. The first step to be taken is to start negotiations.

3. The inflation rate was not high enough to start paying compensations to workers.

4. To get good marks at the examinations, you should work hard during the semester.

5. To evaluate the damage caused by the hurricane is a most important thing to do now.

6. At eight-thirty Dane entered the office to find corporal Kemp asleep at his desk.

7. Each time the door opened Martin looked round, only to see the Mounteneyes enter, then the Puchweins.

8. After a three-day meeting to discuss the current issues of economic and cultural relations between Russia and Japan, a bilateral agreement will be signed.

9. The plant to be built next to the existing one is to be completed in a year.

10. The candidate said this morning that he was fully aware of the obstacles to be faced and the charges that would be made.

11. The council finds no single dominant reason to account for the whole range of rising imports.

12. But Skelton did not die. He woke next morning to find himself in a room, in bed and under a mosquito-net.

13. Mason fought off the heavy lethargy of the deep sleep which comes during the first part of the night, to grope for the ringing telephone.

14. The light died down to leave the room darker than before.

15. The door swung back to reveal a bright room tastefully furnished.

16. In every town of every size there are cases of one local paper having swallowed another, only to be itself swallowed within recent years by one of the nation-wide monopolies.

17. Cheval got down to the street quickly only to discover that he did not know where to go.

18. Phuong lit the gas stove and began to boil the water for tea.

19. You couldn’t have tried hard enough to find me.

20. The said tax increases to reduce government borrowing would do little to help recession hit industry or reduce unemployment.

21. The Prime Minister completed a new Cabinet on Tuesday to replace the coalition government that was dissolved last Wednesday.

22. The report produced by the CIA says that there is not enough evidence to support that charge.

23. To assess these preparations, a preparatory meeting of all participating governments has been scheduled for early August in Mexico.

24. The Government does not want strong laws to enforce other measures to stop corruption.

25. He was quick to warn us against investing money to this shady business.

26. The Prime Minister had told the party meeting that as a tough Prime Minister, he refused to be dictated to by any group.

27. Suffice it to say, the unemployment rate has substantially declined in the free economic zones.

28. The vice-president was disappointed not to have been invited to take part in the negotiations.

29. To begin with, the cumulative effect of so many cocktail and other parties amounts to a serious physical drain on the U.N. delegates.

30. To unify the exchange rates would be one of the main objectives of the country’s foreign exchange policy.


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