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Особые случаи передачи артиклей.

Следует обратить внимание на передачу определенного артикля в структурах, типа the … the, например:

Themore you study, themore you know.

Чембольше ты учишь, тембольше ты знаешь.


Следует также помнить о значении определенного или неопределенного артикля в следующих предложениях:


It is the most exciting story I have ever read.

Это самыйувлекательный рассказ, который я когда-либо читал.


It is amost exciting story.

Это оченьувлекательный рассказ.


В некоторых случаях употребление или отсутствие неопределенного артикля изменяет значение слова. Например, ahair – волосок, hair – волосы; agovernment - правительство, government - управление; apaper – газета, paper – бумага; afew, alittle - некоторое количество (положительное значение); few, little - мало (иногда просто отрицание).


Практическое задание

Переведите следующие предложения, обращая внимание на случаи передачи артиклей:


1. A young lady is waiting for you in the hall.

2. The young lady waiting for you in the hall looks rather sad.

3. Susan is a kind of girl you never know what to expect.

4. According to the contract, a half of the funds cannot be spent until next year.

5. Professor Crosston came on the Friday when the school year began.

6. The danger of the forest fires is the greater the more carelessly people act when camping.

7. This is the most difficult job I have ever done.

8. This is a most dangerous route, please be careful.

9. Under the circumstances, a withdrawal of money is the only way out.

10. You hadn’t told me her name yet! Who is she? – She is a Mrs. Erlynne.

11. Miss Prism, more is restored to you than the handbag. I was the baby you placed in it.

12. Nobody understands England today, and nobody will understand England tomorrow, least of all the Englishman.

13. The shooting down of a man in an East London pub and the “butchery” of another in a Stoke Newington flat were described to a hushed court at the Old Bailey yesterday.

14. There has been talk of a coalition to solve the nation’s difficulties, but a coalition is useless without a common purpose and a shared philosophy.

15. The so-called “peace initiative” said not a word about stopping the bombing in Yugoslavia.

16. We need a government which will be able to solve the economic and social problems.

17. This was a Guernica, a Coventry, a Lidice perpetrated in part by a British ship in the service of the Americans.

18. I had a bad cold at the time, I remember I could only say ‘thag you very buch’.

19. In this story of the goldfields of Western Australia I have tried to tell, not only something of the lives of several people, but to give also the story of an industry.

20. And the higher crude oil prices climb, the more risk energy costs pose to what, until recently, many expected to be a banner year for the U.S. economy.

21. I was surprised when I saw a new speaker. It was the Stephen Shaddock I knew very well, the Australian biologist.

22. In his speech the general manager noted that the company had to bear the burden of high taxation, high interest rates and cuts in the number of contracts.

23. Under the law that established public financing of presidential campaigns, a presidential candidate who accepts the public funding may not directly raise any outside campaign money.

24. Some economists believe that at a time when small businesses have to pay high taxes, the nation could face even larger economic crisis.

25. The Prime Minister is ready to support a measure of economic integration in the European Union.

26. Walkman Professional WM-D6C is a device that was widely used by journalists.

27. Schools and universities are facing now a massive cutback that will lower the quality of education still further.

28. Oil-producing countries in the Gulf are expected to considerably increase oil production next decade.

29. The government favors an income tax not because it needs the money, but because it believes that people should understand the relationship between effort and reward.

30. A just and durable peace in Iraq cannot be achieved without general elections.



Особенности употребления инфинитива в английском языке нередко затрудняют определение его функций и, следовательно, его правильную передачу при переводе.


Рассмотрим способы перевода инфинитива в различных функциях:


1. Инфинитив в функции подлежащегопереводится глаголом в неопределенной форме (инфинитивом) или существительным:


To finishthe translation in time is very important now.

Закончитьперевод (завершениеперевода)вовремя сейчас очень важно.


2. Инфинитив в функции обстоятельства целипереводится инфинитивом или существительным.


To finishthe translation in time we had to work at weekends.

Чтобы закончить перевод (для завершенияперевода) вовремя, нам пришлось работать в выходные дни.


3. Инфинитив в функции обстоятельства следствияпосле слов such … (as), enough, so …, too …часто имеет модальное значение и переводится на русский язык инфинитивом.


This problem is toodifficult to be solvedwithout further consultations.

Эта проблема слишкомсложна, чтобы ее можно было разрешить(чтобы ее решить) без дальнейших консультаций.


Our football team is not strong enough to winthe European Cup.

Наша команда по футболу не достаточносильна, чтобы выигратьчемпионат Европы.


The discussion of the bill was arranged in sucha way as to giveall the parties an opportunity to express their standpoints.

Обсуждение законопроекта было организовано таким образом (так),что могло предоставить (предоставляло)всем партиям возможность выразить свою точку зрения.



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