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Replace the words in brackets with the corresponding English words and phrases.

1. Some of the most important (строительные материалы) are: (древесина, кирпич, камень, бетон, металлы, пластмасса и стекло).

2. Timber is at present not so much used (в строительстве зданий) as in railway engineering, (в горном деле) and (в химической промышленности) where it (обеспечивает, даёт) a number of valuable materials.

3. For the interior of buildings (клееная фанера) and (шпон) serve a number of purposes.

4. (Кирпичи) may be made of clay (формованием и обжигом) in kilns, of concrete, of mortar or of a composition of (опилок) and other materials.

5. (Мрамор, базальт, гранит, известняк и песчаник) are widely used for the construction of (плотин и фундаментов).

6. Steel finds its use in (гофрированных листах) for roofing, for (балок) frames, etc.

7. Plastics have some good (преимущества) as they are lighter than metals, not subject to corrosion, and (их можно легче обработать), they are (воспламеняются), they can take any color and pattern, and they are good (электроизоляторы). More over, they possess a high (сопротивление) to chemical action.

8. (Ламинат) is a strong material (производимый) from many layers of paper or textile (пропитанных) with (термоактивным клеем).

9. (Пеностекло) is a high-porosity (теплоизоляционный материал), avail­able in block made of fine-ground glass and a frothing agent.

10. Foamed glass is widely used (в сборном строительстве домов) to ensure heat insulation of (внешних стеновых панелей), and in industrial con­struction.

11. (Пеностекло) is (невоспламеняемо), offers (морозоустойчивость), possesses a high (звукопоглощение), and it is easily sewn and nailed.

12. Structural foamed glass blocks were (разработаны) to fill ceilings, and for making (внутренние перегородки) in buildings and rooms, to (обеспечить) heat and sound insulation.


15. Choose a phrase from the list below that has the same meaning as the italicized phrase:

rigid provide serve a number of purposes employed inflammable
manufactured mortar decorative enables artificial materials


1. Foamed glass is widely used in prefabricated house building, to ensure heat insulation of outside wall panels, and in industrial con­struction.

2. Petrol is a substance which starts to burn very easily.

3. Timber is at present not so much used in building con­struction, as in railway engineering, in mining and in the chemical industry where it provides a number of valuable materials.

4. The convenient size of brick makes it possible for a man to grip it with an easy confidence.

5. Plastics are materials not made of natural constituents.

6. Bricks are usually laid in place with the help of mixture of cement or lime and sand and water.

7. For the interior of building plywood and veneer achieve particular aims.

8. A lot of attractive plastics, now available, have brought about a revolution in interior and exterior design.

9. Plastics are sufficiently stiff and not moving or bending to stand on their own without any support.

10. Laminate is a strong material made from many layers of paper or textile impregnated with thermosetting resins.


16. Fill in the blanks with the following prepositions or adverbs where necessary: by, of, in, principally, highly, for, from, to, sufficiently, on, without, widely.

1. Timberis provided … different kinds … trees.

2. Bricks may be made … clay … moulding and baking … kilns, … concrete, … mortar or … a composition … sawdust and other materials.

3. Aluminium,… in the form … various alloys, is … valued … its durability and especially … its light weight.

4. Steelfinds its use … corrugated sheets … roofing, … girders, frames, etc.

5. Nowadays plastics can be applied … almost every branch … building, … the laying … foundation … the final coat … paint.

6. Plastics are … rigid to stand … their own … any support.

7. Laminate resists severe weather condi­tions … more than ten years … serious deformation.

8. As a struc­tural material laminate is recommended … exterior work.

9. Foamed glass is … used … prefabricated house building, to ensure heat insulation … exterior wall panels, and … industrial con­struction.

10. Foamed glass has a high mechanical strength, is distinguished … moisture, vapor and gas impermeability.


17. Find in the text answers to the following questions. Work in pairs. Use such expressions as:

I think/suppose/ consider/believe; to my mind/ in my opinion; as far as I remember/ know/ understand; Let me see…; How shall I put it?; Well, let me think..; Let’s put it this way…; I’ll have to think about that; The best way I can answer that is…; That’s a good question.; That’s a difficult question.

1. What are the most important building materials?

2. Where is timber used now?

3. What are bricks made of?

4. What types of bricks do you know?

5. What natural stones are used in building?

6. What is steel used for?

7. What are the advantages of plastics?

8. What is laminate manufactures from?

9. What advantages of foamed glass do you know?


18. Give the definitions to the following terms:

laminate foamed glass durability
inflammable to be employed to be machined

19. Match the following definitions with their terms:

1.A long, thick piece of steel or iron that is used in the framework of buildings and bridges. a. froth
2. Dust and very small pieces of wood which are produced when you saw wood. b. insulation
3. A mass of small bubbles on the surface of a liquid. c. veneer
4. A thick layer of a substance that keeps something warm, especially a building. d. sawdust
5. A thin layer of wood or plastic which is used to improve the appearance of something. e. alloy
6. A metal that is made by mixing two or more types of metal together. f. girder


20. Speak on the following topic: The most important building materials.


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