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Доберіть потрібну форму дієслова.


1.What subjects ….. she good at ?

a)do; b)is; c)does; d)are.

2. ….. your brother got a camera ?

a)does; b)is; c)has; d)have.

3. ….. those books thick or thin ?

a)is; b) are; c)was; d)were.

4.What ….. the weather like yesterday ?

a)was; b)were; c)has; d)is.

5.They usually ….. their Physics in the morning.

a)will have; b)had; c)have; d)has.

6.He ….. an exam next week.

a)has; b)is; c)had; d)will have.

7.They ….. present at the meeting next Monday.

a)aren’t; b)won’t be; c)shan’t be; d)isn’t.

8….. your parents in France now ?

a)is; b)does; c)are; d)do.

9.I last ….. in hospital ten years ago.

a)am; b)is; c)has; d)was.

10.I often ….. a lot of work to do.

a)has; b)have; c)had; d)will have.

11.There ….. a lot of people at the lecture tomorrow.

a)was; b)will be; c)is; d)are.

12.He ….. five years older than his friend.

a)are; b)is; c)had; d)has.

13.They ….. their dinner at a restaurant tomorrow.

a)have; b)will have; c)are; d)were.

14.Tom …. a terrible headache the day before yesterday.

a)have; b)will have; c)had; d)has.

Доберіть потрібну форму дієслова.


1.How many apples ….. he got ?

a)has; b)do; c)does; d)have.

2.What ….. your favourite pop group ?

a)has; b)is; c)do; d)are.

3.Ann` s children ….. at school 2 days ago.

a)have; b)has; c)were; d)was.

4.She ….. a lot of work to do last week.

a)is; b)was; c)had; d)has.

5.He ….. out tomorrow afternoon.

a)was; b)will be; c)were; d)is.

6.He ….. write to Mary if he doesn’t have time.

a)don’t; b)doesn’t; c)isn’t; d)won’t.

7.Bill ….. at home last evening.

a)were; b)are; c)is; d)was.

8.On Sundays they usually ….. dinner at home.

a)have; b)has; c)are; d)had.

9….. those girls your friends ?

a)are; b)were; c)was; d)is.

10.They ….. here 2 hours ago.

a)was; b)were; c)are; d)had.

11.Jane ….. got a lot of children.

a)doesn’t; b)don’t; c)hasn’t; d)hadn’t.

12.The talk ….. very interesting tomorrow.

a)is; b)will; c)will be; d)was.

13.I usually ….. lunch at home.

a)have; b)had; c)has; d)will have.

14.Who ….. at home last week ?

a)has; b)was; c)were; d)had.

Доберіть потрібну форму дієслова.


1.He always ….. a lot of friends.

a)has; b)is; c)are; d)had.

2.My father ….. a doctor.

a)was; b)is; c)are; d)were.

3. ….. you at home last Monday ?

a)was; b)were; c)has; d)have.

4.They ….. a dictation last lesson.

a)will have; b)has; c)had; d)have.

5.He ….. able to go with us tomorrow.

a)will; b)is; c)will be; d)was.

6.They ….. learn foreign languages until they are seven.

a)aren’t; b)won’t; c)isn’t; d)haven’t.

7.The baby ….. too small to walk last year.

a)are; b)is; c)was; d)were.

8.He always ….. breakfast at 8 o’clock.

a)has; b)had; c)will have; d)have.

9.My friend Ann ….. a good student.

a)am; b)was; c)are; d)is.

10.The books ….. always on the table.

a)are; b)was; c)were; d)is.

11.He ….. at home at 8 o` clock yesterday.

a)weren’t; b)wasn’t; c)aren’t; d)isn’t.

12.Do your children often ….. colds ?

a)has; b)have; c)had; d)will have.

13.I ….. forget about it soon.

a)will; b)shall be; c)will be; d)shall.

14.Tom ….. a serious talk with his father next day.

a)have; b)will be; c)will have; d)has.

Доберіть потрібну форму дієслова.

1.My elder sister ….. music lessons every week.

a)is; b)has; c)are; d)have.

2.These cups ….. not red.

a)is; b)are; c) was; d)were.

3. ….. your name Belov ?

a)is; b)has; c)have; d)was.

4.11 years ago we ….. students at a Medical college.

a)had; b)were; c)are; d)was.

5. ….. you got a family ?

a)has; b)have; c)was; d)were.

6.He ….. finish the work if you help him.

a)was; b)is; c)will; d)will be.

7. …..she ….. a game of chess if she has time?

a)will ***be; b)will***have; c)shall***have; d)shall***be.

8.I ….. an English teacher.

a)is; b)am; c)was; d)are.

9.The spoons ….. on the table a couple of minutes ago.

a)are; b)is; c)was; d)were.

10.He ….. an engineer in 5 years.

a)is; b)will be; c)was; d)were.

11. ….. he a doctor 2 years ago ?

a)will be; b)is; c)are; d)was.

12. ….. you got any friends here ?

a)has; b)have; c)had; d)will have.

13.He ….. remember us if he meets us.

a)is; b)will; c)are; d)has.

14.He ….. got 2 excellent marks yesterday.

a)have; b)will have; c)has; d)had.

Доберіть потрібну форму дієслова.

1.Bess ….. my best friend.

a)have; b)has; c)is; d)am.

2. …… your friend a doctor or a teacher ?

a)was; b)am; c)are; d)is.

3.They ….. in Moscow next week.

a)will be; b)shall be; c)was; d)were.

4.Yesterday ….. my day off.

a)was; b)will be; c)is; d)has.

5.When did you last ….. a test ?

a)has; b)have; c)had; d)will have.

6.We ….. able to finish this work tomorrow.

a)will; b)are; c)will be; d)shall be.

7.He ….. a good time at the party yesterday.

a)has; b)had; c)have; d)will have.

8.Those men ….. doctors.

a)were; b)is; c)was; d)are.

9. ….. this boy a student ?

a)is; b)are; c)was; d)were.

10. ….. you at home last evening ?

a)will be; b)is; c)were; d)was.

11.My friend ….. got a sister.

a)was; b)had; c)is; d)has.

12.Did you ….. classes last week ?

a)have; b)had; c)has; d)will have.

13.I hope there ….. many mistakes in your test this time.

a)shan’t be; b)won’t be; c)will be; d)shall be.

14.Tom ….. read this book next week.

a)shall; b)are; c)is; d)will.

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