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Бухгалтерский учёт
Войное дело

Meet, play, watch, listen to, have, do, ride, wash, go, read

1. ____ a film, the news on TV

2. ____ video games, tennis, cards

3. ____ a bicycle, a motorbike

4. ____ shopping, dancing, fishing, to bed

5. ____ a book, a magazine, a newspaper

6. ____ friends

7. ____ dinner, a shower, coffee, breakfast, lessons

8. ____ music, the radio

9. ____ the dishes, the car, my clothes, my face

10. ____ my homework, the washing-up, the ironing, the housework


Задание 22. Используйте фразы из предыдущего упражнения и напишите, что вы:

· … do every day.

· … do every weekend.

· … don’t like doing.

· … hate doing.

· … don’t mind doing.

· … like doing.


Задание 23. Расскажите о своем рабочем дне. Запишите предложения.

6.30-7.00 am At 7 am I wake up and …
8.00-12.00 From 8 till 12 I ..
12.00-2.00 pm  
2.00-6.00 pm  
6.00-10.00 pm  
12.00-6.00 am  



Задание 24. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present или Past Simple.

1.My friend (to know) Spanish very well. 2. Ben (to ring) you up an hour ago? 3. As far as I remember they (to live) on the third floor. 4. It (to take) you long to find his house yesterday? 5. When your lessons (to be) over on Monday? 6. I (to have) dinner with my family yesterday. 7. Her friends (to come) to the party at five o'clock. 8. One of her brothers (to make) a tour of Europe last summer. 9. You always (to get) up at seven o'clock?


Задание 25. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в одном из следующих времен: Present Continuous, Present Simple, Past Simple или Future Simple.

1.We (to go) on a tramp last Sunday. 2. Your brother (to go) to the country with us next Sunday? 3. Granny (to cook) dinner at the moment. 4. We (to cook) our meals on a fire last summer. 5. My sister (to wash) the dishes after every meal. 6. When you (to go) to school? 7. What you (to prepare) for breakfast tomorrow? 8. You (to invite) your cousin to stay with you next summer? 9. How you (to help) your sister last summer? 10. I (to send) a letter to my friend tomorrow. 11. Every morning on the way to school I (to meet) my friends. 12. My friend (to go) to the library every Wednesday. 13. He (not to go) to the country yesterday. 14. Why you (to go) to the shop yesterday? 15. We (to grow) tomatoes next summer. 16. What you (to do) now? 17. He (to sleep) now. 18. Where your father (to work) last year? 19. You (to go) to the south next summer! 20. He (not to watch) TV yesterday. 21. Yesterday we (to write) a test. 22. 1 (to buy) a very good book last Tuesday. 23. My granny (not to buy) bread yesterday. 24. What you (to buy) at the shop tomorrow? 25. Don't make noise! I (to work).

Задание 26. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Simple или Past Continuous.

1. When I (to come) home, my little sister (to sleep). 2. When Nick (to come) home, his brother (to play) with his toys. 3. When mother (to come) home, I (to do) my homework. 4. When father (to come) home, Pete (to sleep). 5. When mother (to come) home, the children (to play) on the carpet. 6. When I (to get) up, my mother and father (to drink) tea. 7. When I (to come) to my friend's place, he (to watch) movie. 8. When I (to see) my friends, they (to play) football. 9. When I (to open) the door, the cat (to sit) on the table. 10. When Kate (to open) the door, the children (to dance) round the fir-tree. 11. When Tom (to cross) the street, he (to fall). 12. When I (to go) to school, I (to meet) my friend. 13. When we (to go) to the cinema, we (to meet) grandmother. 14. When grandmother (to go) home, she (to see) many children in the yard. 15. When Henry (to walk) about in the forest, he (to find) a bear cub. 16. When we (to walk) about in the forest, we (to see) a hare. 17. When I (to wash) the floor, I (to find) my old toy under the sofa. 18. When granny (to read) a book on the sofa, she (to fall) asleep. 19. When I (to play) in the yard, I suddenly (to see) my old friend. 20. When Nick (to run) about in the yard, he (to fall).


Задание 27. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в одном из следующих времен: Present Continuous, Present Simple, Past Simple или Future Simple.

1.Various kinds of sports (to be) popular in Russia. 2. Both children and grown-ups (to be) fond of sports. 3. What (to be) the matter with her? She (to be) so excited. - I (not to know). 4. Where you (to go)? - I (to go) to the Dynamo stadium to see the match which (to take) place there today. 5. You (to know) that very interesting match (to take) place last Sunday? 6. He (to go) to the south a week ago. 7. When I (to be) about fifteen years old, I (to enjoy) playing football. 8. Our football team (to win) many games last year. 9. Where (to be) Boris? - He (to play) chess with his friend. 10. I (to be) sorry I (to miss) the match yesterday. But I (to know) the score. It (to be) 4 to 2 in favour of the Spartak team. 11. Nellie (to leave) for Moscow tomorrow. 12. I (to be) in a hurry. My friends (to wait) for me. 13. You (to be) at the theatre yesterday. You (to like) the opera? — Oh yes, I (to enjoy) it greatly. 14. You (to go) to London next summer?



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