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Задание 24. Раскройте скобки и поставьте глагол в Present Simple

1. They always (have) breakfast at 7.

2. He (not/wear) glasses.

3. She usually (have) cereal for breakfast.

4. I (be) never late for work.

5. We (need) an answer from you before Wednesday.

6. She (not/eat) meat at all.

7. He never (reply) to my emails.

8. He (be) an accountant.

9. We (not/know) her.

10. My mum (like) making pasta.


Задание 25. Перепишите следующий текст в прошедшем времени, подчеркните или выделите жирным шрифтом глаголы в Past Simple.

John wakes up when it is already quite light. He looks at his watch. It is a quarter to seven. Quick! Boris jumps out of bed and runs to the bath-room. He has just time to take a cold shower and I drink a glass of tea with bread and butter. He is in a hurry to catch the eight o'clock train. At the railway station he meets three other boys from his group. They all have small backpacks and fishing-rods. In less than an hour they get off the train at a small station near a wood. They walk very quickly and soon find themselves on the shore of a large lake. The boys spend the whole day there fishing, boating and swimming. They return home late at night.

Задание 26. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple или Future Simple.

1. When he (return) I’ll give him the key.

2. He (be) ready as soon as you (be).

3. I (stay) in bed till the clock (strike) seven.

4. She (be) delighted when she (hear) this.

5. Stay here till the lights (turn) green.

6. When it (get) cold I (light) the fire.

7. The lift (not start) until you press the button.

8. She (have to) behave better when she (go) to school.

9. He (ring) us when he (arrive) in England?

10. I (not come) to London till the bus strike (be) over.

Задание 27. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в одном из следующих времен: Present Continuous, Present Simple, Past Simple или Future Simple.

1. Mother (to cook) a very tasty dinner yesterday. 2. Tomorrow Nick (not to go) to school. 3. Look! My friends (to play) football. 4, Kate (not to write) letters every day. 5. You (to see) your friend yesterday? 6, Your father (to go) on a business trip last month? 7. What Nick (to do) yesterday? 8. When Nick (to get) up every morning? 9. Where your mother (to go) tomorrow? 10. I (to invite) my friends to come to my place tomorrow. 11. He (not to play) the piano tomorrow. 12. We (to see) a very good film last Sunday. 13. Your mother (to cook) every day? 14. We (to make) a fire last summer. 15. I (to spend) last summer at the sea-side. 16. Where you (to spend) last summer? 17. Where he (to spend) next summer? 18. What mother (to do) now? — She (to cook) dinner. 19. I (not to play) computer games yesterday. 20. Last Sunday we (to go) to the theatre. 21. I (to meet) my friend yesterday. 22. I (to write) a letter to my cousin yesterday. 23. You (to write) a dictation tomorrow? 24. I (not to write) a report now.

Задание 28. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Simple или Past Continuous.

1. I (to play) computer games yesterday. 2. I (to play) computer games at five o'clock yesterday. 3. He (to play) computer games from two till three yesterday. 4. We (to play) computer games the whole evening yesterday. 5. What Nick (to do) when you came to his place? 6. What you (to do) when I rang you up? 7. I (not to sleep) at nine o'clock yesterday. 8. What he (to do) yesterday? - He (to read) a book. 9. What he (to do) the whole evening yesterday? - He (to read) a book. 10. She (to sleep) when you came home? 11. My brother (not to play) tennis yesterday. He (to play) tennis the day before yesterday. 12. My sister (not to play) the piano at four o'clock yesterday. She (to play) the piano the whole evening. 13. When I came into the kitchen, mother (to cook). 14. She (to cook) the whole day yesterday.

Задание 29. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Simple или Past Continuous.

1. I (to go) to the cinema yesterday. 2. I (to go) to the cinema at four o'clock yesterday. 3. I (to go) to the cinema when you met me. 4. I (to do) my homework the whole evening yesterday. 5. I (to do) my homework when mother came home. 6. I (to do) my homework yesterday. 7. I (to do) my homework from five till eight yesterday. 8. I (to do) my homework at six o'clock yesterday. 9. I (not to play) the piano yesterday. I (to write) a letter to my friend. 10. I (not to play) the piano at four o'clock yesterday. I (to read) a book. 11. He (not to sleep) when father came home. He (to do) his homework. 12. When we were in the country last summer, I (to go) to the wood one day. In the wood I (to find) a little fox cub. I (to bring) it home. I (to decide) to tame the cub. Every day I (to feed) it and (to take) care of it. I (to tame) it the whole summer. Now the fox cub is quite tame. It lives in my house. 13. When I (to go) to school the day before yesterday I met Mike and Pete. They (to talk) and (to laugh). They told me a funny story. Soon I (to laugh), too. I still (to laugh) when we came to school. After school I (to tell) this story at home. My father and mother (to like) it very much.


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