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E. general practitioners

100. Medical education in the USA is considerably … than medical education in the UK.

A. shorter

B. smaller

C. longer

D. less

E. easier

101. Four years of pre-medical education are followed by four years of medical school, then three to seven years of … training in the USA.

A. school

B. internship

C. foundation

D. residency

E. college

102. Upon successful completion of the four-year medical school curriculum and exams, the degree of … is obtained in the USA.

A. Bachelor of Medicine

B. Family Doctor

C. Diploma of Physician

D. Doctor of Medicine

E. Bachelor of Surgery

103. Average annual … of tuition and fees for first year medical students is approximately $11,000 for state residents in the USA.

A. stay

B. course

C. cost

D. living

E. service

104. The cost of living for one … ranges from $8,000-$15,000 depending on location in the USA.

A. this year

B. academic week

C. last year

D. academic year

E. academic month

105. In general, during the first two years in medical school you will study … sciences: anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, etc.

A. clinical

B. biological

C. basic

D. physical

E. chemical

106. In the third year, you will gain … with patients in hospital, clinic and office settings in the fields of internal medicine.

A. thoughts

B. habits

C. experience

D. answers

E. supports

107. Towards the end of medical school in the USA, you will choose a … in which you will spend at least three years in a residency.

A. base

B. program

C. foundation

D. specialty

E. course

108. During the period in a residency you may obtain a … to practice.

A. license

B. study

C. skill

D. habit

E. knowledge

109. The license to … medicine in the US is granted by the individual medical licensing authorities in each of the 50 states.

A. work

B. make

C. contact

D. provide

E. practice

110. Every year almost 200 thousand Ukrainians and citizens of other countries become … of higher educational institutions in Ukraine.

A. students

B. children

C. pupils

D. readers

E. workers

111. The academic year in the higher educational institutions in Ukraine starts on the 1st of September and is divided into two … .

A. halves

B. parts

C. blocks

D. semesters

E. courses

112. An autumn semester lasts 17-18 weeks, followed by a 2 weeks … period.

A. teaching

B. learning

C. passing

D. vacation

E. last

113. Foreign as well as Ukrainian students have the opportunity to use all available leisure, welfare and sports … of the institutions.

A. courses

B. facilities

C. faculties

D. classes

E. lessons

114. Most of the state’s Universities provide … medical service in student's hospitals.

A. clear

B. pure

C. clean

D. free

E. good

115. Kharkov National Medical University is one of the oldest higher educational … of Ukraine.

A. buildings

B. hospitals

C. places

D. establishments

E. stations

116. KNMU was … in 1805 as the Medical Faculty of the Kharkov University.

A. situated

B. found

C. done

D. worked

E. founded

117. The Degree of the Kharkov National Medical University is prestigious and … in many countries of the world.

A. compulsory

B. necessary

C. interested

D. competitive

E. recognized

118. Within the period of their studies the students … academic training in main medical specialties.

A. go

B. take

C. do

D. spend

E. undergo

119. Clinical and theoretical training of the students is performed at 56 … of the University and the best clinics of Kharkov.

A. places

B. buildings

C. premises

D. departments

E. laboratories

120. Calcium is …

A. a solid, nonmetallic element existing in at three allotropic forms: yellow, red, black.

B. a threadlike root of a plant

C. the element used in forming smoke screens, its compounds are used in matches, symbol: P

D. a silver-white divalent metal, occurring in vertebrates and other animals, as a component of bone, skeletal mass, etc.

E. cell products forming a definite kind of structural material

121. Phosphorus is …

A. a solid, nonmetallic element, it is a necessary constituent of plant and animal life in bones, nerves, and embryos

B. a slender, tapered cell

C. a necessary element in nerve conduction, symbol: Ca

D. cell products forming a definite kind of structural material

E. a white divalent metal, occurring in limestone, chalk

122. Coccyx is …

A. the upper foreleg and adjoining parts

B. the bony framework of the head


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