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The Others (in alphabetical order)


Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi — Hamas leader; leader of the deportee camp in Lebanon

Abdel-Basset Odeh — Hamas suicide bomber, Park Hotel

Abu Ali Mustafa — Secretary-general of PFLP; assassinated by Israel

Abu Saleem — Butcher; Mosab’s crazy neighbor

Adib Zeyadeh — Covert leader of Hamas

Ahmad Ghandour — Early leader of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades

Ahmad al-Faransi — Aide to Marwan Barghouti

Ahmed Yassin — Cofounder of Hamas in 1986; assassinated by Israel

Akel Sorour — Friend of Mosab and fellow prison inmate

Amar Salah Diab Amarna — First official Hamas suicide bomber

Amer Abu Sarhan — Stabbed three Israelis to death in 1989

Amnon — Jewish convert to Christianity and fellow prison inmate with Mosab

Anas Rasras — Maj’d leader at Megiddo Prison

Ariel Sharon — Eleventh prime minister of Israel (2001–2006)

Avi Dichter — Head of Shin Bet

Ayman Abu Taha — Cofounder of Hamas in 1986

Aziz Kayed — Covert leader of Hamas

Baruch Goldstein — American-born physician who slaughtered twenty-nine Palestinians in Hebron during Ramadan

Bilal Barghouti — Cousin of Hamas bomber Abdullah Barghouti

Bill Clinton — Forty-second president of the United States

Captain Shai — Israel Defense Forces officer

Daya Muhammad Hussein al-Tawil — French Hill suicide bomber

Ehud Barak — Tenth prime minister of Israel (1999–2001)

Ehud Olmert — Twelfth prime minister of Israel (2006–2009)

Fathi Shaqaqi — Founder of Palestinian Islamic Jihad and initiator of suicide bombings

Fouad Shoubaki — PA chief financial officer for military operations

Hassan Salameh — Friend of Yahya Ayyash, who taught him how to make bombs to kill Israelis

Imad Akel — Leader of Al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas military wing; killed by Israelis

Ismail Haniyeh — Elected Palestinian prime minister in 2006

Izz al-Din Shuheil al-Masri — Sbarro pizza parlor suicide bomber

Jamal al-Dura — Father of twelve-year-old Mohammed al-Dura, who Palestinians say was killed by IDF soldiers during a demonstration by Palestinian security forces in Gaza

Jamal al-Taweel — Hamas leader in the West Bank

Jamal Salim — Hamas leader killed in assassination of Jamal Mansour in Nablus

Jamil Hamami — Cofounder of Hamas in 1986

Jibril Rajoub — Head of security for the Palestinian Authority

Juma’a — Gravedigger in cemetery near Mosab’s childhood home

King Hussein — King of Jordan (1952–1999)

Kofi Annan — Seventh secretary-general of the United Nations (1997–2006)

Leonard Cohen — Canadian singer and songwriter who wrote “First We Take Manhattan”

Mahmud Muslih — Cofounder of Hamas in 1986

Majeda Talahme — Wife of Hamas terrorist Saleh Talahme

Mohammad — Founder of Islam

Mohammad Daraghmeh — Palestinian journalist

Mohammed al-Dura — Twelve-year-old boy allegedly killed by IDF soldiers during a Fatah demonstration in Gaza

Mohammed Arman — Member of Hamas terrorist cell

Mosab Talahme — Oldest son of terrorist Saleh Talahme

Muhammad Jamal al-Natsheh — Cofounder of Hamas in 1986 and head of its military wing in the West Bank

Muhaned Abu Halawa — Member of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades

Najeh Madi — Covert leader of Hamas

Nissim Toledano — Israeli border policeman killed by Hamas

Ofer Dekel — Shin Bet officer

Rehavam Ze’evi — Israeli tourism minister assassinated by PFLP gunmen

Saddam Hussein — Iraqi dictator who invaded Kuwait in 1990

Saeb Erekat — Palestinian cabinet minister

Saeed Hotari — Dolphinarium suicide bomber

Salah Hussein — Covert leader of Hamas

Sami Abu Zuhri — Hamas spokesman in Gaza

Shada — Palestinian worker killed by mistake by an Israeli tank gunner

Shimon Peres — Ninth president of Israel, who assumed office in 2007; has also served as prime minister and foreign minister

Shlomo Sakal — Israeli plastics salesman, stabbed to death in Gaza

Tsibouktsakis Germanus — Greek Orthodox monk murdered by Ismail Radaida

Yahya Ayyash — Bomb maker credited with advancing the technique of suicide bombing in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Yasser Arafat — Longtime chairman of the PLO, president of the PA; died in 2004

Yisrael Ziv — Israeli major general for the IDF

Yitzhak Rabin — Fifth prime minister of Israel (1974–1977; 1992–1995); assassinated by right-wing Israeli radical Yigal Amir in 1995

Zakaria Botros — Coptic priest who has led countless Muslims to Christ, via satellite television, by exposing the errors in the Qur’an and revealing the truth of Scripture




abu — Son of

adad — Number

adhan — Muslim call to prayer, five times a day

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades — Terrorist group, formed during the Second Intifada out of various resistance groups, that carries out suicide bombings and other attacks against Israeli targets

Al-Aqsa Mosque — Islam’s third holiest site from which Muslims believe Mohammad ascended into heaven; located on the Temple Mount, Jews’ holiest site and believed to be the location of the ancient Jewish Temples

Al-Fatihah — The opening sura (passage) of the Qur’an, read by the imam or religious leader

Al-Jazeera — Arab satellite television news network; based in Qatar

Allah — Arabic word for God

Allenby Bridge — Bridge across the Jordan River between Jericho and Jordan; originally built by British General Edmund Allenby in 1918

baklava — Rich pastry made with layers of dough, filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey

Black September — Bloody confrontation between the Jordanian government and Palestinian organizations in September 1970

Caliphate — Islamic political leadership

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) — Secular Marxist-Leninist organization opposing the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza

dinar (dee'-nahr) — Official currency of Jordan, used throughout the West Bank in addition to the Israeli shekel

emir — Arabic for chief or commander

Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades (Eza-deen' al Kas-sam') — Military wing of Hamas

Fatah — Largest political faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization

fatwa — Legal opinion or decree concerning Islamic law issued by an Islamic scholar

feda’iyeen (fedai-yeen') — Freedom fighters

Force 17 — Yasser Arafat’s elite commando unit

hadith (hah'-dith) — Oral traditions of Islam

hajj — Pilgrimage to Mecca

Hamas — Islamic resistance movement in the West Bank and Gaza, listed by the United States, European Union, and others as a terrorist organization

Hezbollah — Islamic political and paramilitary organization in Lebanon

hijab — Head covering or veil worn by Muslim women in some cultures

IDF (Israel Defense Forces) — Israel’s military force, including ground forces, air force, and navy

imam — Islamic leader, usually of a mosque

intifada — Rebellion or uprising

Islamic Jihad — Islamic resistance movement in the West Bank and Gaza, listed by the United States, European Union, and others as a terrorist organization

jalsa — Islamic study group

jihad — Literally means “struggle” but interpreted by militant Islamic groups to call for armed struggle, even terrorism

Kalashnikov — Russian AK-47 assault rifle; invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov

Knesset — Legislative branch of the Israeli government

Ktzi’ot — Israeli tent prison in the Negev where Mosab spent time

Kurds — Ethnic people group, most of whom live in Kurdistan, which covers parts of Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey

Labor Party — Socialist/Zionist left-wing political party of Israel

Likud Party — Right-wing political party of Israel

maj’d (mah-jeed') — Hamas security wing

Maskobiyeh (mahs-koh-bee'-yah) — Israeli detention center in West Jerusalem

Mecca — Islam’s holiest site, located in Saudi Arabia, where the prophet Mohammad founded his religion

Medina — Islam’s second holiest site; the burial place of Mohammad located in Saudi Arabia

Megiddo — Prison camp in northern Israel

Merkava — Combat tank, used by the Israeli Defense Forces

minaret — Tall spire of a mosque from which a Muslim religious leader calls the faithful to prayer

mi’var — At Megiddo, a processing unit where prisoners stayed before being moved into the camp population

Molotov cocktail — A petroleum bomb, usually a gasoline-filled glass bottle with a rag wick, that is ignited and thrown at a target.

mosque — Muslim place of worship and prayer

Mossad — National intelligence agency of Israel, comparable to America’s Central Intelligence Agency

mujahid (moo-jah-ha-deed') — Muslim guerilla soldier

Munkar and Nakir — Angels believed to torment the dead

occupied territories — The West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights

Operation Defensive Shield — Major military operation conducted by the Israel Defense Forces during the Second Intifada

Oslo Accords — The 1993 agreements reached between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization

Ottoman Empire — Turkish empire that lasted from about 1299 to 1923

Palestinian Authority (PA) — Formed in 1994, according to the terms of the Oslo Accords, as the governing body of the West Bank and Gaza

Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) — Political/resistance organization, led by Yasser Arafat from 1969 to 2004

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) — Marxist-Leninist resistance organization in the West Bank and Gaza

Qur’an (kor-ahn') — The holy book of Islam

rak’ah — Islamic sets of prayers and postures

Ramadan — Month of fasting to commemorate the receipt of the Qur’an by Mohammad

sawa’ed — Agents for the Hamas security wing in the Israeli prison camps; threw balls containing messages from one section to another

Scud — Ballistic missile developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War

sharia — Islamic religious law

shaweesh — A prisoner chosen to represent other inmates with the Israeli prison administrators; a “trusty”

sheikh (shake) — Muslim elder or leader

Shi’a — Islam’s second largest denomination after Sunni

Shin Bet — Israeli intelligence service, comparable to America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation

shurahcouncil — In Islam, a panel of seven decision makers

shoter (sho-tair') — Hebrew for Israeli prison guard or police officer

Six-Day War — Brief war in 1967 between Israel and Egypt, Jordan, and Syria

Sunni — Islam’s largest denomination

sura — Chapter in the Qur’an

Temple Mount — In Old Jerusalem, the location of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, the oldest Islamic building in the world; also believed to be location of First and Second Jewish Temples

wudu — Islamic ritual purification


Time Line


1923 — End of the Ottoman Empire

1928 — Hassan al-Banna founds the Society of the Muslim Brothers

1935 — The Muslim Brotherhood is established in Palestine

1948 — The Muslim Brotherhood takes violent action against the Egyptian government; Israel declares its independence; Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq invade Israel

1949 — Hassan al-Banna is assassinated; Al-Amari refugee camp established in the West Bank

1964 — Palestine Liberation Organization founded

1967 — Six-Day War

1968 — Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijacks an El Al 707 and diverts it to Algiers; no fatalities

1970 — Black September, in which thousands of PLO fighters are killed by Jordanian troops, as Jordan expels the PLO

1972 — Eleven Israeli athletes killed by Black September at the Munich Olympics

1973 — Yom Kippur War

1977 — Hassan Yousef marries Sabha Abu Salem

1978 — Mosab Hassan Yousef is born; thirty-eight people are killed in a Fatah attack on Israel’s Coastal Highway north of Tel Aviv

1979 — Palestinian Islamic Jihad founded

1982 — Israel invades Lebanon and drives out the PLO

1985 — Hassan Yousef and his family move to Al-Bireh

1986 — Hamas founded in Hebron

1987 — Hassan Yousef takes a second job, teaching religion to Muslims at the Christian school in Ramallah; beginning of the First Intifada

1989 — Hassan Yousef’s first arrest and imprisonment; Amer Abu Sarhan of Hamas murders three Israelis

1990 — Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait

1992 — Mosab’s family moves to Betunia; Hassan Yousef is arrested; Hamas terrorists kidnap and murder Israeli police officer Nissim Toledano; Palestinian leaders are deported to Lebanon

1993 — Oslo Accords

1994 — Baruch Goldstein kills twenty-nine Palestinians in Hebron; first official suicide bombing; Yasser Arafat returns triumphantly to Gaza to set up Palestinian Authority headquarters

1995 — Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin assassinated; Hassan Yousef is arrested by the Palestinian Authority; Mosab buys illegal, inoperative guns

1996 — Hamas bomb maker Yahya Ayyash is assassinated; Mosab is arrested and imprisoned for the first time

1997 — Mosab released from prison; Mossad unsuccessfully attempts to assassinate Khalid Meshaal

1999 — Mosab attends a Christian Bible study

2000 — Camp David Summit; Second Intifada (also known as the Al-Aqsa Intifada) begins

2001 — French Hill suicide bombing; Dolphinarium and Sbarro pizza parlor suicide bombings; PFLP secretary-general Abu Ali Mustafa assassinated by Israel; Israeli minister of tourism Rehavam Ze’evi assassinated by PFLP gunmen

2002 — Israel launches Operation Defensive Shield; nine killed in Hebrew University attack; Mosab and his father are arrested and imprisoned

2003 — Western Coalition forces liberate Iraq; Hamas terrorists Saleh Talahme, Hasaneen Rummanah, and Sayyed al-Sheikh Qassem are killed by Israel

2004 — Death of Yasser Arafat; Hassan Yousef released from prison

2005 — Mosab is baptized; truce ends between Hamas and Israel; Mosab’s third arrest and imprisonment; Mosab released from prison

2006 — Ismail Haniyeh elected Palestinian prime minister

2007 — Mosab leaves the occupied territories for America




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