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Контрольная работа №1

Вариант №1


I. Перевести текст на русский язык.




Two universities, Oxford and Cambridge, Oxbridge, as they are sometimes jointly called, for seven hundred years dominated British education, and today they dominate more than ever. The students of Oxbridge make up one of the most elite elites in the world. Many great men studied here. Among them Bacon, the philosopher, Milton, the poet, Cromwell, the soldier, and Newton, the scientist. Many prominent Conservative and Labour leaders and ministers, members of the Royal family studied there too.

Today Oxford and Cambridge have less than one-tenth of all British university students (less than 1% of Britain's population). Only a small per cent of the 'candidates are chosen — mainly on the results of the written examinations.

The division between Oxford and Redbrick is sharp. The division is essentially a class one. A large per cent of Oxford undergraduates come from public schools. Only since the 1870s women have been admitted and the women's colleges constitute only 12% of the Oxbridge population.

Oxford and Cambridge preserve an antique way of life in the midst of the twentieth century. Oxbridge is only in session half the year. Both Oxford and Cambridge now consist of self-governing colleges where students live. The students have lectures and tutorials. Each student has a tutor who tells him to write papers on the subjects he is studying. Tutors are responsible for the students' progress.


II. Поставьте следующие существительные во множественном числе:


classroom, day, teacher, president, woman, knife


Поставьте существительные в притяжательный падеж:


Union, country, friends


Переведите на русский язык:


1) Britain’s trade

2) An hour’s walk

3) Parliament’s session


Поставьте артикли, где необходимо:

1) These … flowers are beautiful.

2) We have … two exams

3) Here are … your books


Переведи те на русский язык, обращая внимание на употребление глагола to be:


1) Petrov and Ivanov are at the conference in Moscow.

2) My aim is to master English.

3) Are the students at the English lesson now?

4) Are you a Russian businessman?


Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на оборот «there is/are»:


1) There are many newspapers on the desk.

2) How many days are there in January?


Переведите предложения. Обратите внимание на употребление to have, have got.

1) Has Great Britain a lot of industrial cities?

2) Father has got a lot of technical books in his study.

3) Have you got your passport, please?


Переведите предложения, обратите внимание на употребление Present Simple.


1) My friend studies at the University.

2) All the students of our group attend the dean’s lecture.

3) Do students of your group make interesting reports at the sitting of the English club?

4) Does he often write letters to the parents?


Ответьте на следующие вопросы:


1) Where do you study?

2) Do your parents work at a plant?

3) Does your friend speak Spanish?


Переведите, обратите внимание на употребление Present Continuous tense.


1) He is reading a newspaper now.

2) What is he doing now?

3) She is not writing a letter now.


Постройте отрицательные предложения:


1) It is raining.

2) I am translating the article now.


Ответьте на следующие вопросы:


1) Are you reading or writing now?

2) Where are you going to spend your summer holidays?


Перевести предложения на английский язык:


1) Я живу в Калининграде. Я изучаю английский язык.

2) Вы часто отправляетесь в командировки?

3) Во сколько закрываются банки в Британии?

4) Катя ходила в библиотеку вчера, а что ты делала? Я звонила тебе дважды.

5) Что делает господин Иванов сейчас?

6) На чеке нет подписи.

7) Вы изучаете французский язык сейчас?


III. Заполните бланк по образцу:


Surname – Ponomarev

Christian name – Vladimir Petrovich

Address – 21 Gorky Street, Moscow, Russia

Profession – Engineer

Nationality – Russian

Passport № - 70 – AB

Date of birth – 14 October, 1970

Place of birth – Kaliningrad, Russia.


IV. Переписать и перевести диалог:


Business Telephone Talk


Brook: Hello, Mr. Chernov, this is Brook.
Chernov: Hello, Mr. Brook.
Brook: I’m sorry I couldn’t phone you as soon as I received your message as I had some urgent bussines in the assembly shop. What can I do for you, Mr. Chernov?
Chernov: The fact is we have a drowing from you, which shows you have modified the previous model of pump. How does it compare with the previous model?
Brook: Well, its capacity is higher and it’s easier to operate.
Chernov: Good. And one more thing, Mr. Brook, will it be possible to see tests of the new model?
Brook: Yes, certainly. I’ll contact the test department and find out when they are going to test this model. I’ll make all the necessary arrangements for your visit after that.
Chernov: Thank you. Good bye.
Brook: Good bye, Mr. Chernov.


V. Напишите по-английски указанное время:


7.10; 9.45; 1.50; 6.20; 7.30; 4.50; 3.55; 4.05; 3.55; 4.05; 3.55; 4.05; 2.25; 5.00.


VI. Перевести деловое письмо:


Dear Sirs:


Confirming our telephone conversation of the 3d October, this year, we ask you to send to our country 3 or 5 qualified specialists to work as advisers in the Ministry of Communications and also deliver a course of lectures on different aspects of railway transport. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


Yours faithfully.


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