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Перевести текст на русский язык.

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Перевести текст на русский язык.



Managers are concerned with the following main resources:

1. Material resourcesare physical materials and the equip­ment used by an organization to make a product. For example, cars are made on assembly lines. These assembly lines and the buildings that house them are material resources.

2. The most important resources of any organization are its human resources— people. Some firms believe that their em­ployees are their most important assets. To keep employees con-tent, a variety of incentives are used, including higher-than-aver-age pay, flexible working hours, recreational facilities, lengthy paid vacations, cafeterias offering inexpensive meals, etc.

3. Financial resourcesare the funds the organization uses to meet its obligations to various creditors. A grocery store obtains money from customers and uses a portion of that money to pay the wholesalers from which it buys food. A large bank, borrows and lends money. A college obtains money in the form of tuition, income from its endowments, and federal grants. It uses the mon­ey to pay utility bills, insurance premiums, and professors' sala­ries. Each of these transactions involves financial resources.

4. Finally, many organizations increasingly find they cannot ig­nore information.External environment — including the econo­my, consumer markets, technology, politics, and cultural forces — are all changing so rapidly that an organization that does not adapt will probably not survive. And, to adapt to change, the organiza­tion must know what is changing and how it is changing. Compa­nies are finding it increasingly important to gather information about their competitors in today's business environment.

It is important to realize that these are only general categories of resources. Within each category are hundreds or thousands of more specific resources, from which management must choose those that can best accomplish its goals.Managers must coordi­nate this complex group of specific resources to produce goods and services.

Ответьте на вопросы:

1. What main resources are managers concerned with?

2. What incentives are used to keep employees content? Why?

3. How does an organization obtain financial resources?

4. Is external environment including the economy, consumer markets etc. changing rapidly?

5. What must an organization do to survive?

2. В каком из следующих слов звук, передаваемый буквой "о", отли­чается от остальных?


1) phone, 2) know, 3) sorry, 4) zero, 5) no, 6) bone, 7) role


3. Поставьте следующие существительные во множественном числе:


A student, a picture, a desk, a text, a hero, a man, a phenomenon, a foot, a tooth

4. Поставьте существительные в притяжательный падеж:


Book of child, pen of man, pencils of sisters


5. Переведитенарусскийязык:


1) The children´s textbooks

2) The women´s magazines

3) The world’s first spaceman


6. Выберите правильную форму глагола "tobe":


I... in the 10th grade.

a) is

b) are

c) am

d) were


7. Укажите предложение, в котором глагол "tobe" является вспомо­гательным:

a) She was sixteen last year.

b) The delegation is to come on Monday.

c) Mother is at home.

d)What are you doing?


8. Поставьтеартикли, гденеобходимо:


1) I live in … Kirov street.

2) Meet … engineers from … Moscow.

3) … Thames is … river.

4) Take ... piece of... chalk and write... following sentence on... blackboard.

5) There is ... garden in front of... Institute. ... garden is very beautiful.

6) I bought... new dress ... last week. ... dress is made of... silk.

7) My favourite subject at... school was ... Mathematics. I was very good at... Mathematics. I always got... excellent marks.


9. Переведитенарусскийязык, обращаявниманиенаупотреблениеглагола to be:


1) Petrov and Ivanov are not at the conference in Moscow, they are in Kiev.

2) On Monday our first lesson is English.

3) Where is the student’s hostel?

4) Is your friend a student?



10. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на оборот «thereis/are»:


1) There are many seminars this week.

2) How many minutes are there in an hour?


11. Переведите предложения. Обратите внимание на употребление “tohave; have/hasgot”

1) He has many books on history in his library.

2) Where do you have dinner after classes?

3) Have you got cigarettes?


12. Переведитепредложения, обратитевниманиенаупотребление Present Simple Tense.


1) I get excellent marks in English.

2) We have two seminars every week.

3) Does the teacher ask many questions at the lesson?

4) He doesn’t study at the law department.


13. Выберетеправильныйпредлог:


1. I must go (for, to, at) Moscow (at, in) spring.

2. Look (on, at, to) the blackboard. Do you see any mistakes (in, at, on) it?

3. Wait (to, by, for) me, please. I'll come (in, through, by) a minute.

4. We turned (on, in, off) the tape-recorder and listened (on, in, to) music.

5. My mother is a teacher (of, at, in) English.

6. I don't know what town he comes (from, out of, of).

7. If you are interested (at, in, of) literature you may join our literary society.

8. You must finish this work (on, in, by) the end of the week.


14. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на употребление PresentContinuoustense:

1) He is not reading, he is listening to the radio now.

2) Are you listening to the teacher?

3) She is not translating the text into Russian.


15. Постройтеотрицательныепредложения:


1) We are listening to the latest news.

2) My friend is filling in the form.


16. Выберетеправильноеместоимение:

1) Have you got (some, little, any) relatives in Minsk?

2) She has (not, neither, no) mistakes in (hers, her) test.

3) Is there (many, much) coffee in the coffee pot?

4) It's too dark here. I can't see (nothing, anything, something).

5) Can I do (something, nothing, anything) for you?

6) Do you learn (some, not, any) foreign languages?

7) I have (few, a little, little) relatives in Minsk.

17. Поставьтеправильнуюформуглагола

1) Pete (to pack) his suitcase now. He (to leave) for Moscow tonight.

2) He is a night watchman. He (to work) at night and (to sleep) in the daytime. It is now noon and he (to sleep).

3) I (to read) this book several times. I first (to read) it three years ago.

4) I often (to read) detective stories. I (to read) a very interesting one now.

5) I can't go out because I (not to finish) my work. I (to join) you as soon as I (to finish) my work.


18. Напишите по-английски указанное время:


6.00; 8.05; 10.15; 7.25; 11.30; 6.40; 4.15; 12.45; 3.50; 5.55


19. Выберетеправильноеслово

In some countries there are monuments (to, for) animals. (It is, there is) even (a, the) monument (to, for) a pig. Once the people of a German town saw that a pig often dug in one and the same place. When the people (dig, dug) up the soil (in, on) that place they discovered salt (under, over) it. Salt was very (cheap, dear) at that time. So the people of the town (got, have got) salt and the pig got a statue.

20. Переведите деловое письмо:


Dear Sirs:


This is to inform you that we are completing the fulfillment of contractual obligations under our contract for the construction of the power station in our country.

We intend to sell part of the equipment and materials in your country.

The inspection of the equipment and materials can be made at any time convenient for you.


Yours faithfully.



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