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Choose the most suitable reply for the question: Where is the post office?


Choose the right variant: Her sister writes interesting articles. She is a _____.journalist

Complete the sentence with the verb: I _________my homework every evening.do

Choose the question for this answer: _____________?- Fine,thanks.How are you?

Complete the sentence with appropriate auxiliary verb: _____they play tennis after school?Do

Choose question using these words: When/you/do your homework?When do you do your homework?

Choose the word that does not belong to clothes: Sweet

Choose the correct alternative: _______is a team sport.basketball

Find the right preposition: . . . nightAt

Find the right preposition: . . . 2015 In

Find the right variant: It’s . . . clever dog.a

Find the sentence with the right word order:She doesn’t work carefully.

Find the right variant: She is proud . . . her work.of

Choose the right variant: At this time tomorrow we_______ an English lesson.shall be having

Fill in the suitable adverb in the sentence: She … listens to the good music.often

Choose the right answer: He is (никогда/ешқашан) late for class.never

Find the antonym: expensive-cheap

Find the antonym: never-always

Complete the sentence: What’s your favourite ______at school?-I like history.subject

Put special question to the word in brackets: He goes (to school).where

Choose the right variant: seventeen + twenty-three is ______.forty

Choose the right variant: My brother’s daughters are my … . nieces

Choose the right variant: three thousand eight hundred and sixty five.3865

Choose the right variant: January is the …month of the year.first

Choose the right: Annie … three dogs last year.had

Choose the right variant: How old …Tom and Paul?are

Choose the right variant: I… a niece and he …two nephews.have/has

Choose the right variant: There … three bottles of milk in the fridge.are

Choose the right preposition for possessive case: These are the managers… our firm.of

Choose the right variant: nineteen forty one1941

Choose the Past Perfect Tense: I . . . my work by 6 o’clock yesterday.had finished

Choose the right variant: Last Friday everybody …at the meeting, but you… .was/weren’t

Choose the right tense form: I____ busy at the moment.am

Choose the right tag question: Mark won’t be late,…he?will

Choose the the right auxiliary verb: What… you… every day?do/do

Choose the right possessive pronoun: This is a bedroom. …walls are green.its

Choose the right tense form: Where _____your father work?does

Choose the right tense form: How ____you feel today?do

Complete the sentence, using right tense form: He _____to the University by bus every day.comes

Change the sentence into negative form: She speaks English well.She doesn’t speak English well.

Choose the correct answer: How is the anthem of Kazakhstan called?My Kazakhstan

Choose the correct answer: the description of Kazakhstan’s flag-eagle under the sun on the blue sky

Choose the right variant: There are many … in my flat.rooms

Choose the right variant: The capital of Kazakhstan till 1998 was . . . .Almaty

Choose the correct answer: The Republic of Kazakhstan is situated . . . .in the center of Eurasia

Choose the right form of the verb: They . . . yet.haven’t arrived

Choose the right variant: Here’s my report. . . . it at last.I’ve finished

Choose the correct word: I … a lot of time doing my homework.spend

Find the right variant: They ... English very well.Speak

Find the right variant: Max … English lessons every day.has

Find the right preposition: . . . FridayOn

Find the right preposition: . . . 9 o’clockAt

Find the right preposition: . . . winter In

Change the sentence into negative form: We live in Scotland.We don’t live in Scotland.

Change the sentence from affirmative into negative : He writes books every year.He doesn’t write books every year.

Find extra word:subject

Choose the right word: I am ____. I’d like something to drink.thirsty

Choose the right indefinite pronouns: They can’t have ……….more strawberries. I want ……to make jam.any, some

Choose the right variant: I had ….friends at the University. a few

Fill in prepositions: Look …..the picture ……page 15.at, on

Choose the right negative form of the Past Simple : We were in a very difficult position, we ( not/ know ) what to do.didn’t know

Choose the right variant for the negative sentence: This bank of the river isn’t …..that one. so beautiful as

Choose the right variant of the conditional statement: If you wear your new suit, you ......smart.

Will look

Complete the imperative sentence: ......the room! Don’t go into

Find the right variant. The bus station is ( рядом с , қасында ) the clinic.next to

Choose the right form of numeral: …..sentence is difficult for me to translate.The first

Choose the right preposition: The train is standing … platform 5. on the

Choose the right preposition: I saw Jack …. the concert last Saturday.at

Choose the right tense form: Where ....she .....yesterday?did/go

Choose the correct form of the verb ‘to be’: They … in the Hermitage last month.were

Choose the right article: Let’s go to … canteen.the

Give three forms of the verb: ‘ to ring’ rang/rung

Choose the most suitable reply for the question: Where is the post office?

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